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I saw 'The Wrestler' today....


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Hi hollies!

I saw this movie a few weeks ago. I've always loved Mickey Rourke (a man who was prettier than Kim Bassinger in Nine 1/2 weeks, that was too much!)

I've always found him terribly sweet! he's also sweet in this movie, I loved his performance and I also loved Marisa Tomei, she was great and really beautiful. The last scene was a bit awful, I think.

Ok, I just don't agree with Mickey's political views..., but he's so Cute and tender. And he's gonna win the Oscar, Isn't he?

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Part of the movie was shot at "Frenchie's Bar" in Roselle Park,around the corner from where I grew up.My parents still live in the same house.They remember last summer all the commotion as the trailers lined the street with lights,cameras and such.

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A go-go bar in Linden, NJ (Cheeques) was featured in The Wrestler. I've never been to it but I have to see this movie. Marisa Tomei is always in beautiful shape! I like Mickey Rourke too. There's something vulnerable under his worldly-wise, street-wise persona.

smile --Darlene


If you'd like to go to Cheeques I'd be more than happy to escort you. It's on my dime too. I can give you dollar bills to give to the nice young ladies too. That's the kind of guy I am. -TT

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