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24 ROCKS!!

Captain Harlock

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No--it's okay. Really. I didn't watch it last season and I hadn't watched last night's episode yet. So I actually have 2 nights to watch. By the time I get to the 2nd (probably tomorrow), I'll have forgotten who died.... And I don't really know any of the characters, so... no big deal.

See, my buddy's wife was just raving about it. I had seen it maybe twice the first season, and it seemed too... I dunno, shoot-em-up, even for me. So I got bored. But people are all abuzz about it, so.... off I'll go to check it out.



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This is weird - according to ads last night, the DVD of Sunday's and last night's shows (all 4 hours) is available for retail sale today(!?) Hell, had I known that, I could have watched the season opener of "Rome" on HBO one of those nights (although I'm sure there will be more reruns on it throughout this week). (My cable box isn't capable of letting me watch one show and tape another simultaneously...).

BTW, it's good to see that "24" is recycling some of the old favorites, as far as actors from old HBO shows (the guy with the goatee in CTU, who used to date Chloe, was featured in "Six Feet Under" for a couple of seasons, while the snotty FBI agent played Cyril McManus on "Oz"...)

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Found this at an online blog this morning. You had to be there or it won't make sense, but if you were…enjoy!


- - - -

New "24" Subway Commercial

"Hi, I'm Jack Bauer of CTU, and this is a Terrorist's neck sub from "Subway." I don't know if you knew this, but this terrorist's neck sub has twice the meat but half the fat of a McDonald's Big Mac, which means it fills me up without slowin' me down, Dammit!"


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24 - I love it...can't get enough of it. The only people I know at work that watch it decided to wait until the season is over and buy the DVD and watch the whole thing in 2 days, because they can't bear to wait a whole week between shows! So they would rather wait a whole season? Sheesh. Now I have no one to talk to about it. Yeah, I'm surprised that Jack did what he did at the end. But then, not really. That's 24. I think President and Martha Logan are to appear again this season. The first lady rocked last season. I don't know....I still have a hard time believing Wayne Palmer is President. But he's far superior than that weazel Logan....so far anyway.

Best damn show on television.

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"You know whom I really miss? Edgar."

While this isn't likely to happen, as he's already been missing for at least 3 or 4 seasons, Edgar (Louis Lombardi) was an FBI agent on "The Sopranos" (the one who got Big P*ssy to turn), and he could pop up there during the last season (actually, the last 8 episodes), but it's very unlikely.

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