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Thanks, Santa Bernie! When I opened up the "Boats Against The Current" package and saw Eric at the piano, it made me cry. What I wouldn't give to see that performance live someday! I can just imagine sitting in the audience, holding hands with the one that I love, and listening to that voice...Hope that dream might come true someday...Until then, that video was the next best thing....Thanks Again!!

P.S. I promise I will try to be an even better girl next year!!! smile

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Bernie, you rule! That demo of "Foolin' Myself," awesome. the 'berries' "House of Blues Blues," awesome. And the "Boats" clip, particularly awesome.... My favorite song ever, done live, in a clip I'd only heard about but never saw: what a great Christmas present! Eric, thanks, too, for the nice surprise! Happy holidays to all....

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I single-clicked on quite a few, but didn't double-click. I then thought it was just a pretty page to close the site for one day. eyeeekeekeye

Sherberries did you see the beautiful Christmas page on this site yesterday? Well we were supposed to double-click on the presents and then something Eric would play.

Maybe Bernie can post them again or make them for New Years?

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You know, I swear we need to have a notice page with instructions posted a few days before Christmas! I remember my first year here and missing everything because I didn't know about it and the second year I didn't know how to work everything. This is not uncommon so don't feel bad, newbies!

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Don't feel bad Wendy, I only had time to find three - i missed 'BOATS" and "house of Blues" because everyone was screaming for Irish breakfast and took my computer away!!!!!

Thanks Bernie!!

Thanks Annie, but this so majorly sucks, I should have tried the other presents.

It's like Charlie Brown going trick or treating:



santa Wendy: "I got a rock!" frown

At least I got to hear that "Lemony fresh, my girl smells like 'Lemon Pledge furniture polish'" hair thingy.

I was all excited about it until I read this thread. To quote Chris Farley: "stupid stupid stupid..." *ugh*

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