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What's Wrong With Katie?

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I was out driving today and listening to some talk radio and the guys topic was Katie Couric and how CBS need to figure out what to do with her and her $15 MILLION a year contract. The Evening News with Katie Couric is deeply entrenched in last place among the big 4 networks.

Supposition was made that people just don't want to get their news from a woman; that they don't respond well the the lack of an "authoritive" voice. Or that they moved too quickly in taking Katie from the "fluff" of TODAY into the "serious" of CBS Nightly News.

Another thought was that the legacy of Dan "Blather" has undermined the CBS News Division and their reputation for being trustworthy.

The host of this show and the callers all seemed to agree that Katie does a "decent" job, though I wonder if that famous "leg dangle" on over the desk on Day One might not have done her in?

What was not discussed on the radio (and I was not in a place to call in) is that by and large it is "older" Americans who watch the evening news broadcasts. I don't mean "elderly" necessarily, but people in their fifties or sixties... people who are used to getting their news from a guy during the dinner hour.

Now we have the cute & perky Katie Couric invading the living room during a time when the wife, who is "normally" not at her perkiest or freshest after cleaning house all day and cooking dinner... and her husband is now giving his undevided attention to Katie and not Suzie Homemaker.

Yep, you guessed it. I think Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News are being victimized by the petty jealousy of all those frumpy housewives out there who had no problem with Dan (or Tom or Harry) popping in during dinner, but Miss Cutie Katie helps to remind them that they are possibly not the sweet young thing they had been in years past... and it's easier to turn the channel than it is to put on some make up and fix your hair... laugh

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Actually, I believe with all the alternative news choices other than the "Big 3"., we consumers just aren't bogged-down or aligned with particular personalities. For instance, when Brian Williams took over for Gary Brokaw...there was a temporary spike in the ratings...and then things settled. Is that to say Brian Williams is on par with Brokaw?..nah! I bet we consumers now have more of an affinity towards our local newscasters leading into the network nightly news.

I do know when Couric took over for Rather...there was indeed a huge spike in viewership for a week or two....and then...back to last place for CBS.

Ultimately Couric is NOTHING without Al Roker....<wink> haha

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Your point is well taken angelina, however the "big 3" in particular still have the "traditional" news vs. the alternate sources 24 hour approach. The primary audience for the evening news is the same primary audience that for The Price is Right, Wheel of Fourtune, and Matlock repeats. Not the MSNBC or FOXNEWS crowd.

However I do agree that Katie was part of a good ensemble... with Mattand Al... wink

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Rather got caught up in the fabricated story about George Bush's time in the military. Though he was not fired, many think that only his lengthy time with CBS allowed him the dignity of "retiring" voluntarily. For those who accepted the idea that Rather was either a knowing accompliss in the telling of the fabricated story or somehow suddenly too naive to check the facts.

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