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A friend of mine...


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...died last night in an automobile accident here in California. He was rear-ended by a driver speeding on the freeway. He was only 30 years old, and was the sweetest guy in the world.

Life is precious and our time here is short, so tell someone close to you that you love them today.

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mine too..that is very sad, I hope you have someone close to comfort you at this time..It is very hard sometimes to turn around to the person who is closest to you and say I love you. Often its easier to say I hate you - but sometimes that means the same thing in a way but you have to put it a bit more delicately.

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About a year ago, I also lost one of my best friends in a sudden way. Like your friend, he was a prince of a guy. My advice is to be with those who cared about him as you did. Also, give yourself a chance and time to deal with the emotional aspect of this. Look to those who truly care about you for support. My condolences.

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That's very sad, Popdude. Yes, love is the most important part of life as we reach out to people.

To borrow from a friend's song:

Shouldn't feel like you gotta(repeat)

Shouldn't feel like

-You shouldn't have to try

Should feel like you wanna(repeat)

Should feel like you.. need tuh

Whew! Alright- C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon!

Love somebody; Love somebody, yeah

Whew! Good God! Do you Un-Der-Stand?

You've gotta love somebody

You've gotta need somebody

You got to reach into your heart

G-Give someone a sta-a-a-a-a-art

Every day. Every way, baby

Got to love! Got to love!

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I am so very sorry to hear of your friend's passing. My best friend in college passed away suddenly at the age of 22. Raspathens has some good advice in being with those who cared about your friend. It helps sharing your grief with those who are grieving with you.

In deepest sympathy,


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I have missed you on the board as I understand you have been away on business. So when I saw your name on a thread I immediately went to it. This is not what I was hoping to read. I am sorry for your loss. I wish you and his family my condolences. I thank you for your warm words to the rest of the board during this sad time for you. Looking forward to a time when you feel better and can joke about food again.



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Sorry to hear about your friend, John. Your closing sentence are words to live by; even though we miss them when they are gone, it's nice to know that you have no regrets about things left unsaid or unfinished. Take care. Kirk.

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John, How terrible. So sorry this happened. Your post reminds us how fragile and tenuous life can be, and to appreciate every moment we have with family and friends.

Besides the fact that time ordinarily slips away so quickly, we become our parents' age before we realize it, anything and everything can change in a split second, as it did for your friend and everyone close to him.

Good advice, John. I'll start with you: I love you! I hope your deep friendship with him will be a comfort to you in time.


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