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I have the same book but its by Seymour Bottoms...I think there might be some copyright infringement there...

The other book, which is a real good read is:

"Breaking Through The Music Business"

By the (really tight 50's group)Buster Hymen and the Penetrations

I bought that one, along with "Yellow River" by I.P. Freely...
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I'm an avid reader of "who-dun-its". My favorite authors are Anne Perry, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwall. So when I saw that Patricia Cornwall had written a couple of works of non fiction I decided to give them a try. The 1st one was "A Time To Remember", a biography of Ruth Bell Graham.(Billy Graham's wife).It talks of how she raised her family pretty much alone due to Billy being away so often and the challenges she faced.

The 2nd one was "Portrait of A Killer. Jack The Ripper-Case Closed".

In it she lays out her theories and ideas as to who she thinks Jack The Ripper was. She then uses modern forensics to set about proving those theories.A very interesting read.

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1) The Man Called Cash (Johnny Cash)- Steve Turner

2) Death in a Prairie House - Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders - William Drennan

3) Ronnie - The Autobiography - Ron Wood

4) Clapton The Autobiography - Eric Clapton

5) Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me - Pattie Boyd

I'd recommend them all except for #5.

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Big Felder fan here too. The song "Long Road Out Of Eden" is a masterpiece, IMHO.

Having said that, the song is missing Felder something fierce. The song cries for a longer/more powerful/more climactic instrumental section, lead by Felder and what he does with the guitar..

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"The United States Of Europe", T.R. Reid

- story of the unification of Europe, the ramifications to Europe, the U.S. and the world in general...really good so far.

"Recessional", James Michener

-think it's the only book by Michener (my favorite author) I haven't read. So far it's up to his standard.

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Yeah Marvin, I'd love to know about the Felder book after you've finished it.

I just finished Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up". It covers his childhhod from working at Disneyland at age 10 (?!), in the magic shop to when he walked away from doing standup in 1981.

It's a short read (I finished it in less then a week)In it he describes how he came up with some of his routines, working on the Smothers Brothers show as a staff writer, to going from playing in front of 20 people to a crowds of 20,000.

Right now I'm in the middle of Monkee archivist Andrew Sandoval's "The Monkees-A day by day account of the 60's pop sensation". It's written in a diary format, giving detailed day by day accounts of how the group and series was put together. It includes how the recording sessions initially left the four out of the recording process (save for Nesmith's initial productions only) and thier rebellion against Don Kirshners involvement. Also included is musicians that played at some of thier sessions, Glenn Campbell (playing lead guitar on Mary, Mary), Billy Preston, Carol King, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, and Neil Young (!) to name just a few.


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