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M A R V I N !!!!


To one of the dearest friends I've ever had on EC.com: To a "musician's musician" and a man of great musical knowledge. You inspire me constantly.

May your birthday be as wonderful and special as you are! Wishing you a day of unbridled delights, musical and otherwise, and a fantastic year of love, luck, happiness and beautiful music without end...

Hope to see you *soon* at another exciting Raspberries concert (new music maybe?!) and, because (to quote the Beatles)...

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

smile --Love, Dar heartpump

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A special guy like Marvin deserves a very special, meaningful post...So, I spent the last 24 hours looking high and low for that special message that would convey what I really feel...When I couldnt find anything appropriate, I went to the one source that has infinite wisdom...I went to the Holy Bible and found a passage in the Gospel according to James' Harem...

He once served his family some moose

'cause he couldnt find Canadian goose,

So this fellow Marvin

Kept his family from starvin'

So I like him even though he likes Bruce...

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