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Super Bowl Prediction Thread

Keith Nivan

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* Straight Up; Who'll Win The Game

* Vs. the Spread (Steelers -6 1/2; means the Steelers are favored by 6 1/2 points; add 6 1/2 points to the Cardinals final score (or subtract 6 1/2 from the Steelers final score (if you're good in math)) to get the outcome

* Over Under: 46 1/2; total points scored in the game regardless of who wins, the spread, what Bruce plays at halftime, etc.)

Just predict a score and I'll proclaim the ec.com SB God/dess with bragging rights until the post disappears by natural or unnatural causes.


Our first contestant is a Mr. BealteJay who, elsewhere on the site predicts:

Cardinals 24 Steelers 17 (Cardinals Straight Up; Cardinals with the points; Under (41 points in the game vs. the O/U number of 46.5).



Go wild. Back later.


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"Bet with your head not your heart." That was one of the very first pieces of advice given to me many years ago.

My heart wants the Cardinals to win this game, but my head says......

Steelers win and cover the spread. Also take the OVER in this game.

I would be super confident about this pick if not for the cool head of Kurt Warner and the fact that he has been here before.

As for the score ???

Steelers 34

Cardinals 20

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More importantly after this week I won't have to hear any more about football. How many days is it to pitchers and catchers report?

13 long days.
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Steelers 37

Cardinals 30

Why Pittsburgh: Better team

Why the Cover: Troy Polamalu

Why the Over: Kurt Warner

Extra: MVP: Warner (2nd MVP from losing team, as we quiz-takers know) or Polamalu if it's 31-30 inside of 5:00 (see the AFC Championship Game).

Heart: Big Ben is a Miami alum; "Keith, Jr." is a junior at Miami: Go Redhawks; Go Steelers.


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I think this is right.

If not: forgive me...

Three props (Straight Up; Vs. Spread; Over/Under) graded "Yep" / Nope":

BeatleJay: (C24 S17): Nope; Yep; Nope (1)

Hollies65: (“Cardsâ€): Nope; We’ll magnanimously award the Spread (1)

Craig: (S34 C20): Yep; Nope; Yep (2)

Tommy Tunes (Played squares; pining for baseball) (0)

pauliuemississippi (Pining for baseball) (0)

angelina (“Brainâ€): (S24 C17) Yep; Nope; Nope (1)

Raspyrock: (C31 S26): Nope; Yep; Yep

peaunut8: (Pining for baseball) (0)

Laura: (S24 C20): Yep; Yep; Nope (2)

Kirk: (C23 S17): Nope; Yep; Nope (1)

BMP: (S35 C14): Yep; Nope; Yep (2)

“Keithâ€: (S37 C30): Yep; Nope; Yep (2)

Tony: Sounds disappointed

By the powers vested in me by starting the thread … I proclaim LAURA the Winner / SB Prediction Goddess! Straight Up and Spread.


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