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Male Vocalists


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Hi everyone, saw this topic and had to post! Here's my list of Top Ten male vocalists:

1. Bon Scott

2. Bryan Adams

3. Don Henley

4. Gene Simmons

5. Paul Stanley

6. David Lee Roth

7. Liam Gallagher

8. Elton John

9. Rick Springfield

10.Neil Diamond

Hope you all are well. Our band Boxer (featuring Jim Bonfanti on drums) is just about finished. Check out www.boxerrocks.com for more info on ordering CD's. Rock on and Bernie.. you're awesome! Website looks great as always.

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Gosh...here are mine...no particular order

1) Taylor Hanson

2) Glenn Campbell

3) Tommy Shaw (wow!!)

3) Freddy Mercury

4) Mark Christiano (Local guy)

5) Ray Charles

6) David Cassidy

7) Ian Gillan

8) Dennis D. Young ( though his personality makes me puke)

9) That Clay guy from that TV thing

10) David Clayton Thomas - Blood Sweat and Tears

11) James Brown

12) Lou Rawls

13) James Taylor


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bahodoore, yeah I forgot Lou Rawls. Nobody sounds like him....and his voice has not deteriorated with age.

As for David Clayton-Thomas....his personality got in the way of BST....they had two solid albums(three, if you include the first pre-DCT release,

"Child is the Father to the Man")

But from that point, he got a big head, did a solo career, and neither his solo career nor BST's went anyplace. They are, sadly, relegated to the "oldies" circuit...although really talented players of jazz caliber(DCT included).

Plus it was rude of them to dump original singer(and BST founder)Al Kooper, to get Clayton-Thomas. If you know who Kooper is, he is perhaps the most useful person to have on your side---as producer, writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

DCT has a great set of pipes, but between the Kooper thing, and seeing the band not go anywhere after he orignally left, kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's taken me years to NOT automatically switch channels when a BST song comes on the air.

As for Neil Diamond, his recent studio recordings are missing "something"---though I don't know what. I can't pinpoint this "intangible" thing, as he still sounds good live, from all accounts.

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One of the first concerts I saw was in 1970 and my uncle took me to see Neil Diamond at the Montreal Forum. That incredible performance has stuck with me all these years. Fast forward 33 years and as much as I admire Neil as a songwriter, I cannot listen to present-day Neil sing. During his peak period (1960's and early 1970's output), his voice had a real sincere heart-felt sound to it, but since then, it's all the same groan. And yes I agree that he still is a great live performer.


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I too always loved Neil Diamonds delivery, though I don'T think he is a good singer, I think he had a fantastic performance for the vocal he was born with. Plus at one point he had really cool sideburns... What really made me shiver was when T.V. (K-Tel?) a couple of years ago tried to peddle a Neil Diamond Christmas album...I can stillhear Neil massacring (sp?) Silent Night...just aweful!..

As for DCT, from what I read, he was a homeless guy that got up and sang one night and blew away the crowd...from rags to riches story really.


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Gord--Couldn't agree more on Cliff Richard. Saw him a couple of times in late 70's early 80's. His live show rocked! I guess he's sort of like Elvis Presley to the rest of the world (I think I hear a Marvin retort on the way). Why he was not bigger here in the U.S. I'll never figure out. Almost as un-appreciated as Eric--Kirk.

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Well Kirk, believe it or not, I grew up listening to Cliff Richard. Having parents who lived in the UK for some time, Cliff was part of their youth. My older sister and I used to sing Cliff's songs ("Lucky Lips", "Bachelor Boy", "The Young Ones") all the time. His "I'm Nearly Famous" album is one of my all-time favourites. I also saw Cliff live in Montreal in the 1980's and his show was excellent.


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Marvin, Right On!

I have the cd-"I'M Nearly Famous " it is good.

Sir Cliff Richard may have gone religious with his music songs and turned mellow, but, you know something, he throws a few of his old rock"N roll

tunes in.

I like his mellow tunes, "Their's a song he had out called, 'The Millinium Prayer". that song really touches my heart, I all most cry listening to it.

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One of my favorite memories of the Cliff Richard concerts was when he performed "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music". So true! Brought the house down! Another time someone yelled out "Carrie" from the audience. Cliff responded, "She doesn't live here anymore" and then they broke into the song. Fun shows! Kirk.

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Guys, I thought of this this morning,

Hold on,

"How would you like to to take a ride down memmory lane or even ride your boat against the current without losing your control, you don't have to pretend",

"You can own it, the freshest Raspberries ever, on CD, Best Of Rapsberries with songs to listen from Eric Carmen and Dave Smalley and other group


Own it, buy it, but don't eat it".

Soon in stores.

Well. it's not really, soon, thought,

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