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Male Vocalists


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On a similar topic, off the top of my head, here is a list of male vocalists whose voices I've always admired - voices that have made me wish that I had better range and control, and that continue to amaze me. In no order, they are:

1. Eric Carmen

2. Alan Paul (Manhattan Transfer)

3. David Ruffin (Temptations)

4. Eddie Kendricks (Temptations)

5. Dennis Edwards (Temptations)

6. Don Henley

7. Timothy B. Schmitt (the Eagles)

8. Mark, Kip, Michael, and Pat Lennon (Venice)

9. David Crosby

10. Graham Nash

11. Johnny Mathis

12. Roy Orbison

13. Paul McCartney

14. Carl Wilson

15. Brian Wilson

16. David Blatt (Jay & the Americans)

17. Paul Rodgers (Bad Company)

18. Robin Gibb

19. Barry Gibb

20. Rick Danko (the Band)

21. Levon Helm (the Band)

22. Richard Manuel (the Band)

23. Pete Ham (Badfinger)

24. Stevie Wonder

25. Marvin Gaye

26. Jackson Browne

27. James Taylor

28. Vince Gill

I know that there are many others that I am probably forgetting, so I'll depend on the rest of you to tell me who the others are.


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No Particular order

Brad Delp

Freddie Mercury


Bon Scott

Steven Tyler

The Guy In Del Amitri "Justin" something




Frankie Previte

Jon Anderson

Burton Cummings

Robert Plant

Pat Benatar

Ann Wilson

Otis Redding


Ray Charles

Dennis Deyoung

Greg Allman

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In somewhat of an order, the ones that instantly came to my mind were:

  • Eric

    John Waite

    Paul Davis

    Dan Hamilton

    Eddie Rabbitt

    Neil Sedaka

    Lou Gramm

    Duane Allen

    Bryan Adams

Well, there's a bunch more I'm sure, but those are my fave's. I gotta say though that Eric and

John Waite's vocalizations have a very profound, mood altering affect on me! spin

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How about:

John Farnham (Little River Band replacement lead) Frankie Valle

Donnie Hathaway

James Ingram

John Waite

Art Garfunkel

Dennis Yost (Traces of Love)

Nat King Cole

(?)The lead singer with The Platters

...along with Henley, Gaye, Barry Gibb, Orbison, Charles, DeYoung, Mercury, Sinatra, Cummings and Elton.

And stut5, even though she has small boobies, Pat Benetar is a WOMAN!

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Hey Marvin! Funny you should start this topic - I made a list on 6/18/02 entitled "Top Ten Male Lead Singers" which I e-mailed to about 30 people. In order:

1.Eric Carmen

2.Roger Daltry

3.Steve Walsh (in Pittsburgh tomorrow)

4.David Lee Roth

5.Kevin Cronin

6.Tommy Shaw

7.Steve Perry

8.Paul Rodgers (in Pittsburgh tomorrow)

9.Brad Delp

10.Steven Tyler

3 Steves out of 10 - not bad!

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And stut5, even though she has small boobies, Pat Benetar is a WOMAN!

Tony Yea I was only thinking vocalist.Although they are small You know the old saying. laugh

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Yes Marvin, this is Dan Hamilton from Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds. Sadly, I heard that Dan passed away a few years back. Great, powerful voice. Hey Matt--do you know anything about this?

Everybody's lists are great! Since there seems to be some common thread here amongst us, it makes me wonder if there is something special about the shapes, sizes, etc... of our ear canals and drums???!!!! LOL!!


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Amazing how many differnet styles and vocal ranges but here goes: No particular order, just as they came to mind:

Al Green

Daryl Hall

Gordon Lightfoot

Eric Carmen

Dan Fogelberg

Pete Ham

Scott Blasey

Marvin Gay

Roy Orbison

Chris Isaac

Mark Chesnut

Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn)

Dan Seals (England Dan) of EDAJFC

Jim Morrison

Glenn Frey

Jeff Lynne

Elton John

Jay Ferguson

Henry Gross

Dwight Twilley

Hollies lead singer.....need help on this one (Rick Davies???)

Randy Meisner


James House

Brian Wilson

Franki Valli

Paul Mcartney

Many More........

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KevG, lead singer of the Hollies was Alan Clarke. The group still exists but due to health reasons, Alan is no longer their singer. Some other great names on your list:

Al Green, Daryl Hall, Dan Fogelberg, Jay Ferguson

Henry Gross, Dwight Twilley, and Elvis.


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Thanks for jogging my memory Marvin, I forget who Rick Davies lead for, I'm sure it will come to me when I least suspect via random thought....

I also left off one of my all-time favorites and lead singer for Stealers Wheel.....Gerry Rafferty!!...Doooope!!, Burton Cummings also....this will drive me nuts the rest of the day now!! Great thread.


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Kevin Ray Davies sang for the Kinks. As mentioned by others, it is indeed interesting that repeated names are cropping up on the lists. I think that this is because the people in this forum like tuneful, melodic music, and for the most part this is what most of these singers are doing. Here are some more for you to ponder over:

Nat King Cole

Sam Cooke

Jimmy Cliff

Kenny Loggins

Eric Stewart (10CC)

Andrew Gold

J D Souther

Steve Winwood

David Paich (Toto)

Paul Carrack

Richard Page (Mr Mister)

Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)


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Dan Hamilton of Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds died on December 23, 1994 at the age of 48. I am not sure if it was cancer or a heartattack. The song "Daisy Mae" is one of my favorites from that trio. The song almost hit the Top 40 but it peaked at # 41 back in January of 1972 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. I do have their "Greatest Hits" on MCA Special Products that came out in 1994. Matt

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A common Thread I see in everyones choices is that these vocalists are all quickly identifiable unlike the vocalists today who all go for the exact same sound... like Creed ,Pearl Jam, Nickelback...etc...Even the pop vocalists all go for the same sound in that Backstreet ,Nsync style.Here are a few more good vocalists.

Christopher Cross

Kevin Maxx

Edgar Winter (Tobacco Road is awesome)

Alice Cooper

Joe Cocker

Little Richard

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