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Lew Bundles

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I voted for the Addams clan...

See, TT, I answered your question even if you didn't return my call today...so there. (I would almost bet LB put that choice in there somehow knowing on a psychic level that I would vote for them. Yeah, that's it.)


P.S. LC - you're talking about more than the work of Mr. Charles Addams, correct? Like maybe what got him started down that twisted path? If so, then I look forward to reading your reply.

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Mr. Addams hammered Mrs. Addams and they got a family?

Actually that's not correct. John Adams was not the biological father of John Quincy Adams and the hammering was done by another. The real father was, ummm... AHEM, (this is hard on me)....the real father was my great great great great grandfather, "Forefather James"..

So next time you see a picture of John Quincy Adams, and wonder why he seems more studly than John Adams, you'll know why..

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