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R I P: Evel Knievel

Paulie Mississippi

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Sorry to hear about Evel. He was a complex man. Quite the entertainer but what you saw was what you got. I was always impressed with his line that he was " a professional life risker". Yes he was and he really put on quite a show. He jumped a lot of buses, semis, etc and did it with class. He jumped a lot of times and always made it look so easy. But, then again there were those times it didn't go according to plan...YIKES....RIP Evel. You were one of a kind.


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Ah, this is very very sad news. I loved Evel. I thought he was the epitome of gutsiness and extremely courageous in personal ways as well as his field of entertainment.

Just recently Criss Angel said Evel was a huge inspiration to him. He will be sorely missed.

R.I.P., Evel.

frown --Darlene

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When I was working in the Motorcycle Industry I had wild thoughts of emulating him. It was just that when I was about 6 feet off the ground on a motorcycle the landing seemed like a plunge I didn't want to do. Suffice to say, I preferred road motorcycling. Less distance to fall.

Evel was an amazing "jumper" and showman.

Muzza cool

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