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What are we turning into?!?!


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I just heard the most deplorable story this morning. A funeral home was foreclosed on and was being evicted. Unfortunately, SO WERE THE DEAD that were receiving services there!!! They actually showed the caskets lined up on the front lawn covered with moving blankets while trucks were being loaded with the furniture from the parlors! Honestly, these funerals couldn't have been completed? I understand the funeral home's financial situation but did the bank (or lender)really need to do that to multiple families in the middle of their grief? Where is our decency?!?! Geez, our homes are being taken away and we can't afford to live but appartently we can't afford to die either! Some of our political discussions have been about change, but how do you change the mentality of those who would commit acts like this?!?!

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Sadly, I don't see a great deal of respect for the living sometimes, so why think people'd have respect for the dead? We're largely a society in which money talks, and is the be-all, end-all. Not to everyone, of course, but to most businesses and lending companies? Yep.

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From what has been reported in our News Media there has been an illogical stance by American Banks that foreclosure and no tenants is better than working out a plan which enables some income.

I fail to understand how no income to the bank is better than a small amount. As has already been said money drives too much decision making but sadly the decision making seems flawed and is being made by people who can't see the bigger picture. If people can't buy the house they have just evicted the mortgage holder from what's the point of eviction!

Here in New Zealand there are signs of banks trying to work with Mortgage holders to enable them to stay in their homes.

Just my thoughts and yes, to do this to a funeral home seems to say a lot about a general lack of human decency and awareness.

Muzza cool

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Hi, Muzz. And good point Julia. Obviously the wonderful bank bailout didn't work and isn't working where it was supposed to--to benefit the common people. But AIG got to plan another big $ trip to the Bahamas and all of the big mortgage companies and banks are paying their CEOs and officers bigger bonuses than ever.

When our Congress screws up, it screws up big time but unfortunately doesn't understand how to fix anything except to benefit their high-falutin' friends.

Very very sad state of affairs.

frown --Darlene

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