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Top ten shows of the 70s......


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Yep....of course Cheers was in the early 80s...everytime i think of Taxi I think of Cheers...I don't know why. 'Rich Man, Poor Man' was a mini series does not count. [i liked it too] I'll add Mary Tyler Moore..though she was not as hot as she was in Dick Van Dyke...But what a cast!

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Well...I'm gonna skew a little 'young', because I was born in '65. But here goes, in no particular order:

Happy Days

Welcome Back Kotter

Saturday Night Live - I'd sneak downstairs after the folks fell asleep at 10-11p...he heee

What's Happening

The Carol Burnett Show

The Bob Newhart Show

Chiller Theater on WPIX

The Gong Show

All In the Family

The Night Stalker

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#10 The Muppets

#9 C.H.I.P.S (Bonnie thinks Ponch was hot)

#8 WKRP - because Bailey was the BOMB

#7 The Carol Burnett Show

#6 Barney Miller - could still be a hit

#5 The Bob Newhart Show

#4 All In The Family - historic social commentary

#3 ABC's Wide World of Sports - because I could never get enough of the dude falling down the ski jump eek

#2 M*A*S*H - incredible show (ever notice how Alan Alda sounds just like Howard Stern?)

#1 SNL - still kinda going strong.


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Hey...where have you been?

Have had to spend a LOT of time and effort on personal issues the last two months - mainly regarding the same thing Alec Baldwin is going through with HIS X-wife (but without the 'Hollywood factor')....parental alienation and a very broken system pertaining to the welfare of one's children. Not to mention the rights that protects the X to ruin my reputation in the business community with slander.

I am just now coming out of it, and seeing the light of day.

Meanwhile hollies65, you'll be glad to know I negotiated with Terry Sylvester to perform 'Too Young To Be Married', 'Sorry Suzanne' and (best of all!) 'Jesus Was A Crossmaker' at this coming Saturday's performance at WINGFEST in Buffalo. He has never performed those songs live with a backing band ever before. I'll make sure and record the historic occasion, and post it on you tube after the weekend.

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Paul....I am going thru the same thing. It is absolutely terrible. Keep the faith.

Wow...you TOO? Thanks for the well wishes...and the same to you. Send me a message off board and I can send you a link to a VERY good father's rights site, that has helped me IMMENSELY.

I have more faith in the outcome than I do with Terry doing those songs. He cut 'Too Young', and 'Crossmaker' last night because we started 45 minutes late. But we still got 'Sandy' and 'Sorry Suzanne' on video. Haven't played it back yet...stay tuned. I'll get it on youtube soon.

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-Little House on the Prairie

-Hogan's Heroes

-Time Tunnel (60s or 70s?)

-Beverly Hillbillies (funnier now than ever, to me)

-Jimmy Crum doing Ohio State basketball

-The Woody Hayes Show

-Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek doing baseball's Saturday game of the week

-Deputy Dog, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Fantastic 4, Dudley Dooright and some of the other smart/entertaining cartoons

-Anything with Angie Dickinson in it!

-Good Times

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