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Canada Day Quiz


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We weren't taught much Canadian History, or atnot as much as we should have been taught, in my day. I DO remember the Charles deGualle remark very well because I saw it on the news with my parents, and I agree that some of those questions were pretty obscure.

Whike we DID have some teaching of it in 5th grade, it was mostly about our discoverers and ancestors. Then, we briefly skimmed over a little more in 8th grade.

Jim CAreey was brought up not far from me, and has a boat in our harbour, but I didn't know who sent int heir resume as a child!

Some of the questions were recent trivia, and Ihad so much time NOT tohear those things while I was taking care of the kids all day!

Whoda thunk I would have heard the remark about the beaver? AAARRRRGH!

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