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So...How did YOU become a member here?

Lee Marshall

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I got a little bit computer un-phobic and had begun to realize that there's a website for everything.

I typed in "Eric Carmen"...someone whose songs like "Change of Heart","Boats","Never Gonna Fall In Love Again",and "Let's Pretend"..had become "Lost Hits"..in the pre-download,pre-"Definitive Collection" era...and someone whom I wanted to know more about.


Lo and behold...shortly afterward a 400+ page book by one Bernie Hogya.

Lo and behold a reunion tour that NEVER would have happened without the power of the internet and Bernie's site.

Now I'm proud to consider myself part of this wonderful family.

Man-I'm a sucker for stories with happy endings.-Ira.

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Before the internet was popular, there were Bulletin Boards. In the mid 80's, I was a member of 2 popular BB's (Prodigy & GEnie) I was constantly searching for any info on Eric or the Raspberries, but found nothing. I even started my own bulletin board with a Eric/Raspberries section that I advertised on Prodigy & GEnie. I ran that BB on and off for a couple years and only received 2 posts concerning Eric. Finally the internet appeared. I wish I had an explanation as to how I missed out on the AOL site. Eventually, I found the Raspberries site and this one in it's previous form. Just good timing to sign up as the #3 member. Would gladly give it up to Kathy (who should be #2). I still haven't met many members in person though and someday hope to.

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I found this site one day when I typed in Eric Carmen. I lurked a bit and thought everyone seemed nice and friendly and there were some great topics to be read. A week or so went by and I typed in Eric's name again and checked the site out and noticed that Eric was posting responses - WOW! Can that really be?? (Thinking to myself) So I decided to become a member and I have enjoyed myself immensely - this is the first BB I've joined ever and I must say this site is the BEST! and it has made me a true Raspberries fan to boot! I was suprised to find that there were others such as myself that have loved Eric's music as much as I have over the years.(sniff) crying

Thanks again and I hope to meet the other board members at the next reunion concert! LuvLove


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I was always a big EC fan and used to drive the sweet little librarian nuts doing inter-library searches for magazine articles about Eric! Lol! I had a computer for a whole year before I was able to have internet (think rural Iowa--everything was dial-up and horrendous long-distance fees!). The day I got my internet connection, I "googled" Eric Carmen and was taken to the old board where I probably just lurked for one or two days until I learned how to post! Tony was "TonySongWriter" seems like, and some other folks had different names than they do now. I was simply my email address!

Anyway, I'm member #20 here.

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I joined in 97- The website started a few months before I was online. Had dialup then, now have advanced to cable. I did a search for Eric Carmen and it brought me to this site. Did a lot of lurking but then just jumped in and have been here since. laugh

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