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Your fave radio station?

Carmen Smalley

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My car radio (commuting and driving between schools are the only occasions I get to hear radio) is set to: WQXR New York (New York Times station--Classical) WWFM (Mercer County, Classical), 93.9 (I forget the call letters) Classical, literary, New York, 107.1 FM The Breeze (Shore Points, oldies) and 106.7 FM on which I hear EC and Raspberries music.

smile --Darlene

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Still searching for one! Since I got married and moved, I'm kind of outta range of any quality radio. Kinda sucks up here. I love listening to Christian radio, KGBI in Omaha was my fave. Can listen to it now via the internet, but it's just not the same.

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Hard to say...the Oldies station here switched to a MIX (which includes an occasional country song) and since my son surprised me with XM Radio...that is all I really listen to now. I would say 70's on 7 (which plays The Raspberries occasionally)

I also listen to WFAN..for the METS games and the sports talk show.


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One of several stations I listen to is 690 A.M. radio, from Los Angeles. They play the American Standards songs, also known as Songs From The Great American Songbook-songs from the 1920's through the 1940's. Remember Gary Owens(Laugh-In T.V. show of the past?), he's a radio D.J. there. As well as the famous Jazz singer, Mel Torme's daughter, Daisy, who I've met, as well as her brother James, who sings Jazz in L.A. now and then. He is a very good singer. You can hear this station around the world, and around the clock, at FabulousRadio.com . News, Mel Torme will get a street named after him in Las Vegas, next year(I'm thinking in The Sping). At the end of the year, this station will lose it's lease and is going off the airwaves. They are celebrating one of other parties at the Catalina Island, off Southern California in November. Rod Stewart is the artist that helped to kick-off the radio station's beginnings.

Oldies, 99.9 F.M. and 101.1 Remember Denny Correll's song,'Ride Captain Ride' upon a mystery ship?; That high tenor voice? I went to his funeral in Santa Ana California, on Fairhaven and west of Tustin Ave. His former musicians were there, and so many tears of this great talent. They showed film of his live concerts. I would call the station, 99.9 late, because I liked the words and the rythym of his song. For years he was doing Gospel music. I remember him talking about his back sometimes, in concert. That's how he died, from about three back operations. At one time, he became addicted to his powerful medications and asked his doctor to take him off of them. He spent his last weeks talking to two of his favorite pastors, nearby,in Orange County, about the good times and songs. Because of his back, he would give concerts sitting down, and was so enthusiastic. People couldn't believe how well he sounded, with his problem. I met his daughter. He might have a website.

Classical, 105.1 Rock, 103.1(I found out about this station through The Raspberries interview).

Sometimes talk shows, but I prefer music.

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