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Watched these to "War" Movies


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Hello There, I just finished watching two 'war' movies of recent release...not back to back. I watched one earlier in the week and one tonight. The one I watched earlier was titled "Stop-Loss" and the other which I watched tonight is titled "In The Valley Of Elah". I realize these are 'hollywood' productions/points of view but I was simply blown away that even at some level these must be accurate. Even though before I watched these two movies I had great admiration for troops/veterans but after seeing these I have so much more 'awareness' at a base level of what they must go through to some degree...my heart definately goes out to all of the troops and their families. It does not seem like there is enough support/care/treatment to assist the troops once they return home...if they are fortunate enough to even make it back home. All I can simply is "God Bless". pray

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I've not seen either of those movies Vera...But your post made me think of a conversation I had just a few days ago with an acquaintance I met on the river this summer.

He shared with me that he served a brief period during Vietnam...he made the statement to me that when he came home he was spit at and swore at...he told me he was spit at in U.S. airports three times while headed home...and these were soldiers who had no choice but to serve other than AWOL.

Just felt a need to mention it in regards to "support and care" for our troops and their families...very, very sad frown

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