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Popdude leaves the board...


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It is with much sadness and regret that I must announce that Popdude is leaving the board. (Yes, I am talking about myself in the third person - it's SOOO much more dramatic, don'tcha think?)

Popdude has struggled with this momentous decision for the better part of 17 seconds, and Popdude has come to the conclusion that this is what has to be. It's all because Popdude has found out from a friend of a friend (from Canada, natch) that the third cousin of former Raspberries sideman Jeff "Elbows" Hutton doesn't like the tennis shoes Popdude wears.

Now you may find this an odd reason to split, but Popdude has others that are just as compelling. Popdude has also decided to shuffle off this EC.com coil in protest of:

1. Afghanistan's poor showing in the World Cup.

2. The Ad Hoc Band's refusal to cover "Poor Poor

Pitiful Me" at Popdude's late adopted uncle's fourth birthday party.

3. Spam (both the foodstuff and e-mail variety)

4. Tony Cartmill not naming his son Wally

Smalley Cartmill

5. Six other less significant things.

Popdude thanks you for allowing him to make this grand pronouncement in such an appropriate manner.

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Dont forget to close the door on the way out Popdude, oh and turn off the lights and the computer as well.

But I can understand your reasoning, I almost left over some of the same issues. The AD HOC Band not qualifying for the World Cup, Cartmill not naming his son OReilly or Streisand, Bernie not offering Viagra or Cialis with every copy of Raspberries Tonight. The list goes on and on.

I once did leave for an hour but no one noticed.

Had I made an announcement I suppose someone might have noticed for these "leaving announcements" werent trendy back then.

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Popdude - Now, before you leave the board completely......I believe you had promised awhile back to try to get my money or artwork from Cyril Jordan....

I asked Cyril and all he said was "Shake some action's what I need, to let me bust out at full speed."

I took that as a "no," John O....

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That Cyril, always talking in riddles....(I assume that means "No, as usual, I have no money")

(I gave that rascal about 20 copies of my interview with him in Brutarian last year, and I just saw that Cahoots Graffix is selling them, signed by Cyril on the front, for $25 apiece....ouch!)

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Tommy - I'm to blame for this drivel about Cyril Jordan....I innocently asked Popdude many moons ago about his upcoming book, "Shake Some Action" (also the title of a song written by Mr. Jordan), inquiring about how much money he was being charged (if any) to use that title. The songwriter (who's also an artist) in question owes me money (for a magazine cover he was paid for, but never delivered)...and Popdude volunteered (but not seriously) to get it for me.

Hence, my asking him about it before he "leaves" for good. If you're still awake at this point....sorry, my bad!

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Mr Tunes said..."That was my response to your first question. As to whether or not it's Christmas yet I don't know I forgot my watch home today."

This Kiwi kid needs translation of ..."forgot my watch home today" Maybe new gramma or special Tunesy grammer and I'm sure the teacher will be into correcting



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