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Yesterday I met a very special lady. Her name is Tillie Hogya, and she's not only special because she's Bernie's mom. She's special because she enriches your life just as soon as you meet her.

When I was a little girl, my mom worked in several sewing factories, two of which were "Jake's" and "Brodsky's." She used to talk animatedly about her friends at work, and I always used to hear about "Tillie." By all accounts, Tillie was a fabulous person, a very special lady and an A+ friend. Years passed, Dad passed away and Mom retired and she's no longer with us either. I assumed I would never meet Tillie.

I went along yesterday to pick up Tillie and take her home. WHAT AN AMAZING LADY! She's bright, beautiful, strong and self-sufficient, happy, sweet and as warm and loving as anyone could possibly be. She had a great time on the way home talking about "the old days" when she was married and worked, and I had a smile on face and tears in my eyes the entire time.

Seeing her, listening to her talk and visiting with her at home was like being home with my mother again. I asked her if *I* could call her "Mom," and she thought that was just great! Thinking of this beautiful lady by the door, waving goodbye with a radiant smile on her face makes me so happy. Thanks a million for asking me to come with you. And very special thanks to "Tillie." Everything happens for a reason. I know my mom is smiling somewhere, too.

smile --Love, Darlene

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Soooooo, if I have this right, this is indeed the same "Tillie"? Why, that's pretty amazing! It is a small world, and we never know the path that God has us on until we start walking down it. Yes, everything happens for a reason! So cool! Thanks for sharing!!



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