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Iron Man!!!

Captain Harlock

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Might I add that Lucas Film's Industrial Light and Magic is doing the special effects for Iron Man!


Unfortunately there's no trailer at the moment and the official movie site is a bit on the sparse side.

And Bernie, I had no idea you worked for Marvel. When my English teachers used to ask me what would my goal would be as a writer I'd say "I want to work for Marvel Comics!". Let's just say they didn't appreciate that as much as I did.

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Growing up reading comics and drawing superheroes, my goal was to work for Marvel Comics, too. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when my portfolio landed me a job in the bullpen as an inker. I was quickly singled out by the great Tony DeZuniga to be his assistant. That got me an upgrade from the Madison Avenue Marvel offices to Tony's penthouse. It didn't take too long to figure out that I was being paid peanuts and Tony was vastly more talented than I was. So, I took my Winsor & Newton brush back to Jersey and got a job drawing girls holding hair dryers for Conair, which led to a break at an ad agency, which led to today.


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