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NFL Playoffs ... The Only Thread You'll Need

Keith Nivan

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I like the Bengals (as a fan) but am concerned about their poor finish...especially the Buffalo game last week. This together with Pittsburg's STRONG finish tells me they have their hands full this week.

P.S. Kenny Anderson is my fave QB of all time... and he played college football at Augustana, an Illinois Division III school!

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The Pats better be careful.... Everyone in the world thinks they were ducking the Steelers when they coasted against Miami. (As much as I enjoyed seeing the 2nd team play and Flutie drop-kicking an extra point, I'm sorry---you just don't pull back when there's something at stake, even if it's seeding position in the playoffs.) Now the Jags are fired up and feeling disrespected. A team like that can be dangerous.

That said, I'll take NE at home in a close one.... and I'll go with the Steelers too.

(More important to me: Here's hoping Brett Favre sticks around!)

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The Patriots cost me a Who Do You Love pick when they coasted vs. the 'Fins ... mad

I didn't see that coming; I thought they were playing for a seed or something.

Nevertheless, Flutie rocks. That was TOO cool.

About the Bengals; yeah their defense has been soft of late, esp. vs. Buffalo crazy , but the Steelers gave up 21 vs. the Lions crazycrazy and the Bengals beat 'em in Pittsburgh shortly before that.

It's gonna be a shootout. I like Palmer.


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You had to love the way the Patriots looked last night. Total Control.

I didn't get to see much football yesterday -- kids' basketball coaching, dinner duty, etc., etc., etc.

Todays's the day: the "Do Not Disturb" sign shall be hung!

Go Bengalls! I think Palmer's got the right stuff. They'll rise or fall with him


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While I want the Bears to win badly (and believe me, they've looked very bad in several of their wins this year, as far as their offense), nothing will surprise me regarding the NFC playoffs. The Panthers looked great yesterday, but I think the Giants, who peaked way too soon, helped them significantly. It'll be a close game with Da Bears, probably decided by 7 or less.

I'm afraid that the Redskins have put it all together at just the right time, and they're peaking....and extremely lucky to boot....plus they have Gibbs. I hope I'm wrong, as I get very tired of 3/4 of the Washington Post sports section (which is usally about 16 or so pages) devoted solely to the 'Skins. I'm afraid they're going to upset the Seahawks and whoever wins between the Bears & Panthers....and then lose in the Super Bowl to whoever emerges from the AFC playoffs (and I'm leaning toward the Pats at this point.)

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Well, I'm bummed.

I more or less missed the first three games this weekend and they weren't all that great if you didn't have a rooting interest.

And then Palmer goes down with a thud two plays in.

The problem if you're a Bengals fan (James -- I married in) is that you have no idea how good the team is at this point. If they win yesterday you know they're headed north with a bullet. If they lose (with Palmer) you know they've still got to improve.

All yesterday proved was that they can't win without Carson Palmer. Thanks. We've known that. For 15 years.


ONWARD WITH THE BEARS ... Bears ... Bears ...

I think you're right on the Giants, John-O. They hadn't beaten a playoff team since Halloween -- the Skins and they beat the Broncos the week before that: only two playoff teams they beat all year.

I guess that counts as peaking to soon, or making the most of an easy schedule. They beat the Cardinals, Saints, Rams, Eagles twice, Raiders ... The dog wasn't gonna hunt in the playoffs.

So the Bears get the Panthers. If I'm counting correctly, Rex Grossman will be making his 8th start ... ever. Hmmmm ...

Bears win.

Seahawks/Skins a fabulous coaching matchup. How will Gibbs get some points on the board? We all agree that the Skins will need more than 12) TOTAL offensive yards to win, right?

If it snows in Denver ... the Patriots will win. Just a feeling.

Colts / Steelers: Hmmmmmmmm.

More later.

I'm bummed.


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I've been pretty vocal about the fact that I feel the Seahawks are a notch above everyone else in the NFC. I'm not going to back down from that now. My heart is with Indy in the AFC, but I think it's up for grabs. Those Pats are looking real good right now. The Steelers are on a roll, but I can't help but think back to their game versus the Colts and how they folded (mainly the coaching). Denver? They are one team I haven't seen too much, so I am uneducated.

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Skins 27 Hawks 10 Pats 31 Broncos 17

Bears 17 Panth 7 Steel 34 Colts 31

Skins 17 Bears 10 Pats 27 Steel 24

Skins 28 Pats 21

This is how I see it Of course having been a redskin fan since the jurgensen/Kilmer days I might be a little bias

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Hey James... Bears 63 Jags 13.. I figure that they will throw in the backups by the 4th quarter so it be a closer match. Da Bears!

Tommy T. is Having a great Sports Year.. Yanks lose, NY Giants lose in first round and the Knicks are in last place.

You and the whole world know I'm a Yankee fan.No rocket science here.

You ASSUME since I'm from N.J. that I am a Giant fan. WRONG! I do not like football. Other than the Super Bowl, which I watch while at a party, I go the entire season without watching a game.Therefore, you ASSUME wrong.

You further ASSUME that since I am NJ that I am a Knicks fan. Wrong! Idespise the Knicks . Always have. I root against them. Did you forget NJ hasits own team. I am a Nets fan. I have been since they were in the ABA with Rick Barry on their team. Therefore,you ASSUME wrong again.

CubfanMike, you know what happens when you ASSume?

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