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Man overboard!


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Lately i've heard the tragic stories of two cruise ship passengers lost at sea when they fell overboard.

I was wondering why cruise ship passengers and crew are not outfitted with RFID bracelets so they could be located more quickly should they fall overboard.

Am i missing something?...Or has no one thought of this simple solution to a really scary and difficult problem?

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If RFID were to be deployed for this purpose it would have to be of a more powerful design than the current generation in use...

Expensive can also be defined as how much it costs for search and rescue when you have no clue where the victim is...And the inevitable lawsuits that follow...Also it is terrible publicity for the cruise lines every time someone is lost at sea...

If not RFID...then perhaps some yet to be developed technology could be used to help prevent one of the more horrific ends to a sea cruise...Watching your ship cruise away as you bob helplessly in the water with no land in sight.

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