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Come visit CLEVELAND!!!!!


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Someone sent that to me a couple months ago..A "former" Clevelander...Come to South Euclid, where I live...there are 8 houses, in the block, across the street from me, and SIX are empty.And EVERY day when I come home from work, I pick up Burger King Bags, and Soda Bottles off my lawn...Its terrible here.

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I love Cleveland, but I'm still laughing. They were pretty funny.

This video could be made about virtually anyplace now, Buffalo, NY or downtown South River, NJ. They could ALL say at least they're not Detroit.

Raspberries didn't make this video, did they?


smile --D

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I grew up in Lakewood. Yes, some areas are bad, but some are quite nice. (The weather stinks!) I think you could find bad areas in most major cities. There are definitely bad and good areas out here as well. I still have family there, and there are some nice suburbs, such as Westlake, Elyria and more. (Those are just 2 I have family in that are quite nice!)

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