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First Concert


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i also saw FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS as my first concert, back in '69 ... luckily, it edged out by a few months my second concert -- ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK (my grandparents took me to a fair he was playing at) ...

I only remember being incredibly excited at actually going to a concert, but i don't recall any songs that were played. but i love Valli to this day and still go see him live ... and to be honest, i knew more of the songs engelbert played back in '69, and he was actually quite good. and back in 2001, i took my mom to see him, and he STILL was good, and STILL had girls younger than ME throwing, er, gifts at him.

I'm still jealous of Bill Anton seeing the seasons back in '63!

and of Bernie seeing Harrison back in '74!

and of Marvin seeing the EVERLYS back in '70! I luckily saw the everlys in 2000 and 2001, and they still have it. a shame they aren't recording any longer ...

my biggest regret, obviously aside from never seeing bands like the Beatles, Badfinger or the Raspberries ... was never seeing elvis presley, especially since i started asking to go in '69 when "Suspicious Minds" got me hooked -- and he played locally in Philly in '71, '74, '76 and '77.

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Frankenberry the odd thing about that Everly's show was that they were the OPENING ACT!!! The top billing was Tony Orlando & Dawn. As a musician, singer and songwriter, the Everly's have taught me more about vocal harmony than just about any other musician. They wrote the book on two-part harmony.


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Marvin, I second that for sure. The Everlys were amazing. My favorite song when I was a pre-teen was "All I Have to do is Dream" on Cadence records. I played and played the 45 so much I'm amazed it didn't wear out. But it didn't, and I still have it! I loved all the Everlys songs. What a blend! And they opened for Tony Orlando??!!

smile --Darlene

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Pink Floyd at the old Autostad (football stadium) in Montreal. Marvin , you would remember the year.(74-75?)..My brother and I watched it from the elevated highway running just next to the stadium.

don't remember too much of it except that I thought the music was boring at the time.


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