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DVD Reminder


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Out today are...

The Beatles..."HELP!".

The Who..."Amazing Journey".

Help is being released in two versions. The two-disc standard version and the deluxe model with a book and movie cards. Both versions are mixed in 5.1, so thats a good thing for all of us that still crave "Your Gonna Lose That Girl" and "Ticket To Ride".

Amazing Journey is still yet another Who DVD but this one looks quite good. Its a documentary with lots of classic bits.

By the way..Best Buy is offering it with a bonus disc of The Who live in Chicago-1979.

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You know I just looked up and saw that I have the Beatles Box DVD set of Help, Magical Mystery Tour, the First US Visit and You Can't Do That - now I'll have to watch that until I get the other dvd's OMG. I have too many dvd's that I don't even remember what I have now!

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Current conditions at Best Buy...

Me--"Did you get in Amazing Journey, the WHO DVD documentary today"?

BB--"We think so but we can't find it, is that their new cd"?

Me--"No, its a new DVD and its supposed to come out today"

BB--"We can't find it, try again next week".

Proving once again, things are getting worse everyday.

The Beatles they had of course, buried under the Christmas CD rack.

Talk about frustration and NO RASPBERRIES SECTION!

Seriously...what is going on here?


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OMG - The Who doing Heatwave - what an INCREDIBLE version - damn. You know the more I listen now I just have this huge appreciation for Entwistle's bass playing - he was in a class by himself! I had to pause so I could listen to Tim from Wisconsin's radio show lol -

And GMan - I'm doing it to support the team ! lol.

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I hear ya MJ.....but...I think Jay is onto something about "You Can't Do That" being discontinued. I just got my gift catalog from "The Fest for Beatlefans" and there is not a sign of it in the DVD section. I went online to check and it wasn't there either. I'll keep an eye out for it around town. If I see it, I'll grab it for Jay. I'll keep you posted. Sometimes these smaller record stores have some left over. I'm going to Hoboken tomorrow and i'll check around. G

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