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Chris Thomas King


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Not to continue on a "downer" topic, but just read this article and had to share. I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Thoma King a couple of years ago and was blown away by his talent and creativity. No, he is not simply the singer you see in "O Brother..." He is much more and anyone who has the chance to see him should do so. And, true, some of his music may not be for everyone. But most of the members on this board also could/do recognize it for the creativity involved even if not what they would listen to every day.

He nailed my thoughts on the head - the thoughts about the Big Easy of the past and future (hopefully there will be a future) that I have not been able to make myself verbalize.

Plus thank goodness he and his family are safe...perhaps his will be the voice that rises high for the future.

Off to put one of his CD's on now that I have revved muyself up on the topic!



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Thank you for sharing that article, and thank goodness he had the presence of mind to get himself and his family out while he still could. It's so sad that many others couldn't. The spirit of that city (and entire area of the south) is so rich. I hope he's wrong about the possibility there may never be a New Orleans again. If it can be restored, the next Mardi Gras is going to be one heck of a party!!!

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