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Oh you dream of a deep blue ocean

on the shores of a seven seas

and then you sail the wind

gliding on a silver wave

and you dream of a golden city

in the land of a prince so fair

and then the eyes of love turn into another day.

And I say: Oh Marlene(a) who ya gonna be today?

Oh Marlene(a), don't you know, you're gonna dream your life away.

What is UP with those lyrics?

Happy Birthday, Marlene! birthday

Love ya!


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Marlene, you are very special to me. I hope you always know how important you've been to me through some good times and bad. Cleveland, Chicago, New York, LA, Washington DC, Baltimore - they've all been great to experience with you. What's next for us? I'll get you on the phone soon and we'll keep planning for a fun time...

Happy Birthday!!!

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