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Daisy McLintock

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My sister had a stern, old-school German piano teacher who made the metronome an important part of her early lessons. She became a really good pianist and then had a career playing viola. My daughter, on the other hand, had a teacher who claimed that it took the "fun" out of learning and asked us to put it away. My daughter never learned a song completely before going on to the next tune, received a trophy practically every week it seemed, and cost her parents more than a few bucks for the experience. Drove me crazy. When we finally decided to call it quits, at our daughter's urging, the teacher made a big emotional scene and presented our daughter with one last trophy before she left. She was a big woman and I wish to God I had a video of that exit. I go back to that first lesson and her insistence that we not use a metronome. Isn't rhythm, timing and pace important? I wonder if there is a market for piano trophies.

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