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Giants Win!


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"Even the losers get lucky sometimes".

I hate Jerry Jones.

He is Donald Trump.

Eli Manning is a "Mensch"...Jewish for upstanding guy.

Tom Coughlin may be a little stiff...but he is a moral upstanding guy.

Much like the way the Raspberries have been finally recognized for the prophets they were...The Giants' victory is one where the good guys won.-Ira.

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I would love to see the Packers win, but they can't overlook the Giants, who have knocked off Tampa Bay and the Cowboys. It's supposed to be single digits on Sunday and the game doesn't start till 5:30pm-Temps will be going down then!!Could get below zero before the game ends! Circle

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While I'm not a Cowboys fan, and Romo has to be willing to take the heat after losing, after his mini-vacation prior to the game.....I think way too many sports pundits are jumping on the poor guy's back, labeling him a loser for not being able to win a playoff game, either this year or last. They seem to forget that the great (and last year's man of the hour) Peyton Manning, for example, didn't win a playoff game until his 4th playoffs, and 6th season in the league.

Likewise, I keep hearing from Redskins fans here about what a loser Romo is....and he's started roughly the same number of games (24)in the NFL as local whiz-kid Jason Campbell (21)....and with much better results so far! Romo's gone 19-5 as a starter, versus Campbell's 8-13, and has made the playoffs twice. It's highly doubtful the Redskins would have even made the post-season this year, had Campbell not been injured during week 13. Todd Collins won the last 3 games for Wash.

On a similar note, how many more playoff games does Eli Manning have to win before he can shed his rep as a loser? Will he, like his older and better brother, have to win a Superbowl first?

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Tony - Possibly, but based on what criteria?

First, the Redskins' 2007 payroll for players was #1 in the NFL, at $123M - I think Dallas', at about $100M, is around the middle of the league.

The two offensive lines are about equal, as far as QB protection, pass blocking and run blocking. Washington had the better running game with Portis and Betts versus Dallas' Barber & Jones, and Dallas had better receivers....although Owens and Witten carried so much of the workload that there was a HUGE dropoff when TO went down with injuries. The 'Skins passing game was split amongst Moss, Randle-El, Cooley and Portis, with no one player getting 70 receptions (versus the 180 or so receptions by TO and Witten).

While Dallas had the better defense throughout most of the season, their performance went downhill the last 4-5 games, while the Redskins, with Campbell injured and Collins in, seemed to improve in all aspects of their game. As a result, the 'Skins defense ended up statistically better (8th in the NFL in yards given up, versus Dallas' 9th place).

Also, Campbell's had the experience of playing both years for a Hall of Fame Head Coach who's an acknowledged offensive genius, is the highest paid coach in the NFL, and has the biggest staff, including 3 former Head Coaches....versus Romo playing for Parcells (great coach but a former Defensive Coordinator) and then Wade Phillips, a decent but not great coach to date.

(Phillips' record - 8 seasons (NO, Denver, Buffalo, Atlanta, Dallas) - 61-42, 4 playoff appearances, hasn't won 1 playoff game yet!.....versus Gibbs' 16 seasons, all at Wash, where he's been 154-94, 10 playoff appearances, 4 Superbowls, 3 wins).

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Tony - I'll make it a lot easier for you....OR make your head hurt worse!!!

In 2006, QBs Drew Bledsoe in Dallas and Mark Brunnell in Wash were replaced at mid-season, with each of their teams at 3-5 records - roughly equal teams at that point.

Romo, Dallas' replacement, went 6-2 the rest of the way, and Campbell in Wash went 2-6. Then, in 2007, Romo went 13-3, Campbell 6-7, and the Redskins immediately got a lot better when he went down with an injury the 13th game.

Conclusion? I'd say Romo appears to be the better QB at this point, and there ain't one Hell of a lot of difference in terms of the two teams' talent levels.

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