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Grammys performances


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Now, I just got home from an excellent night out at my cousins house and caught 2 performances (I taped the rest)

Rhapsody In Blue - my second favorite song of all time. That was great! piano duet...ahhhhh! I could picture darlene in the orchestra.

Amy Winehouse - the girl looked good, sounded great and it was so riveting to see her realize she's won the grammy for song of the year....and she was sober to remember the event (at least she looked pretty straight to me!)

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"BTW Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings BURY Winehouse...IMO."

While I like Winehouse, IMO, this is very true....but Sharon's not an exotic-looking, tattoo'd junkie White woman who's always in the tabloids (along with her idiot husband)...Sharon's over 50, Black, a bit overweight, a former Corrections Officer, and not nearly as attractive (to most, Mister Lew Bundles would be one exception) as Winehouse.....

(Although Sharon did sell out The Black Cat in DC 2 last month, and positively kicked major ass live!!!!!....AND I could have scalped my ticket on the street there that night (1/17) for well over $100...it cost me $15! Incredibly electrifying singer and performer!!!.....and, as Winehouse fans are aware, her band's great!)

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I was greatly angered by them cutting off the "Sgt. Pepper" performance at the end. I saw a number of commericlas for the grammys all week promoting it, then because the telecast ran eight minutes too long, we got a commerical over the beginning of "Pepper" and the credits showing over a fade out of the performance. I sat there for three and a half hours, subjected to a ton of garbage like Kid Rock and Kanye West and then....that!

Embarassing! Another network should be given the show over this.

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Originally posted by mannoman:

Billy K - I have to disagree with AnnieKNY - To me, Amy Winehouse does not have any special talent. I turned her off.

Alica Keys is overrrated as well. Her songs and voice are a "Marvel of Modern Mediocrity".
Agree with you there Tony. I've heard most of Key's hits, and I just dont get it...


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Not sure about her music, but Alicia Keys has got all the goods. Her sex appeal makes Jessica Alba look like Church Lady.

IMHO of course..

WRONG, Oh, Windy City Breath...

But if you like songs that start with a decent 60's/70's Mowtown keyboard riff, AND THEN REPEAT THAT SAME RIFF OVER AND OVER AND OVER THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SONG, WHILE ALICIA DOES HER LITTLE R&B VOCAL LINES...Then Keys is your girl.

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