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Anyone ever heard of this place or been there?? My husband and I were at his Christmas Party last night and his boss sent a wrapped gift around for everyone to look at. Then, he got up and auctioned it off.

I had drank a few rum and cokes and was feeling pretty good, and decided to bid on the box! Oh my! Poor hubby started sweating! Afterall, we live in Iowa and he works for a Feed Mill (they sell and deliver feed to hogs and cattle all over the area). Anyway, I felt my hand go up when it reached $1,000!!! What was I thinking???? I don't have a $1,000!!! Geez, if I did I would have gone to see the Berries in concert!!!!!!!!

At this bid of $1,000, his boss said, "Sold!" Oh my!!!! We had to go up front and he handed me the box. I opened it and it was a 24-pack of microwave popcorn!!!!!!!!!! Good Grief!!!!!!! I could have bought a boatload of that at Sam's club for that price!!!!!!!!!!

My hubby looked like he was going to faint at this point. Then, I noticed a piece of paper and with trembling hands, I unfolded it. It read, "2 plane tickets to "Zihua" and back, 1 room for 7 nights and $1,000 cash"!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!! Cool!!!!

I guess this is the place that they go to at the end of the movie "The Shawshank Redemption". Haven't seen it. Guess I need to.

So, anybody here been there???

--Julie (no hangover--just feeling a little weird)

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