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My top 5 movies of alltime.....


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Gone With The Wind

Random Harvest ( an old movie from the 40's)

The Way We Were

Vacation (with Chevy chase)

All Star Wars movies.. especially the most recent

The Black Stallion

oops, guess that is six!

I especially love any old old movies....Suspicion with Cary Grant, The Heiress,

Mrs. Miniver.....sooooo many more...............

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*West Side Story (just saw it the other night. I wish they would restore the film to its original glory).

*Gone With the Wind

*Body Heat (Mmmm--I can't believe how attractive WILLIAM HURT was in that movie!)



*The Maltese Falcon (Just love it)

*Mr Destiny (Definitely not a blockbuster but it makes me cry every time, as does *Pharlap)

Herman adores Dances With Wolves.

I also love any of the Agatha Christie movies like Murder On the Orient Express and Death on the Nile.

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I liked Close Encounters but I loved ET. Eliot's innocence and sweetness just got to me, as well as those qualities in ET himself. I also like to remember Drew Barrymore as the way she portrayed Gertie.

I forgot to include ET in my list of favorites. It's definitely up there. After seeing the movie, I read Melissa Matthieson's book. I'll just never forget the last shot of Eliot, the wonder and innocence on Henry Thomas' face, the look in his eyes... I will always love it.

smile --Darlene

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Top 5:

Ben Hur

Pelle The Conquerer

The Black Robe


Love Story

Honorable Mentions:

Sophie Scholl

The Mission

It's A Wonderful Life

Sound of Music


My First Mister

Animal House

Caddyshack (and anything with Rodney in it!)


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