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Flamin' Groovies


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Jen they're a band from the 1970's and from your area of the world - San Francisco - although if you heard their music, you'd think they were from England. Just as the Rubettes tried to sound 1950'ish with "Sugar Baby Love" and other songs, the Groovies tried to capture the British sounds of the 1960's. They're album "Shake Some Action" is pretty solid, a bit derivative maybe, but fun to listen to.

I was listening to it this morning so that was what made me wonder if anyone else was a fan.


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"Shake Some Action" is a classic power pop record and the two that followed it ("Now" and "Jumpin' in the Night") had their moments as well. Before these three records, the Groovies' sound was not as Beatles/power pop influenced, as co-leader Roy Loney leaned more towards straightforward rock/blues/psychedelia (he had left the band by the time of "Shake...").

After Loney left, Cyril Jordan steered the band towards the pop side of the street, with often thrilling results ("I Can't Hide" is another great tune from "SSA"). Jordan now plies his pop craft with a new Frisco-area band called The Magic Christian, who saw their debut released last year.

The Flamin' Groovies' "Now" has just been reissued on CD, BTW.

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Will have to check them out again sometime. Heard them a long time ago(20 years or so), and couldn't figure what the deal was about them. Maybe a re-listen is in order.

However, the Roy Loney(with the Phantom Movers) version(reggae)of Elvis' "Return to Sender" is really cool!! Got some minor airplay in San Francisco, but that was about it. Still worth listening to....

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