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Artful Dodger


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Thanks for the link stut 5...it's cool that some of the guys are still out there playing gigs...I managed a record store in the early 80's and had AD for an in-store. I bet the Label promo guy that I'd sell 100 LP's that day...I won. I'd love to know if the band ever gets together, or if Billy and /or Gary are still playing out in the VA area or anywhere else for that matter so if anyone has info please share.


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There are no legit Artful Dodger comps out... also beware there's a newer UK band of the same name...

Artful Dodger discography:

Artful Dodger- "Artful Dodger" (Columbia) 1975

Artful Dodger- "Honor Among Theives" (Columbia) 1976

Artful Dodger- "Babes On Broadway" (Columbia) 1977

Artful Dodger- "Rave On" (Ariola/Agora) 1980

the only album that's "easily" available on CD is "Honor Among Thieves" which was reissued in the '90s... supposedly, the 1st one was also reissued, but I never see it available....

there never was any "Best-Of" CD or vinyl.... So now it's up to fans to burn and swap stuff...

It is, however, pretty easy to find copies of all albums on vinyl via shops & internet...

Getting a turntable is the best way to get primo Artful Dodger...

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