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Please pray for Chanelle


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I'm adding Chanelle and your whole family to my prayer list. So sorry to hear about this--let's hope it goes well and the prognosis is positive.

Sending oodles of love and prayers to you, as well as positive vibes--abd praying that everything turns out very well for all of you.

Appreciate your keeping us updated.

smile --Love and kisses, Darlene

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Hi everyone. The following is a cut and paste from my daughter Rochelle, (Chanelle's mum) unsolicited and unedited. Rochelle asked if we would post this on their behalf...

We would like to say thank you to all of you for placing Chanelle and our family in your thoughts and prayers, it was heartwarming to read all your messages and see that so many people around the world care when you don't even know us!

Chanelle was quite blown away that all those people have heard about her and written about her - as a 9 year old words and thoughts - wow I'm on the website!!!

Re the mcdonalds - well it was consumed in the weekend in our house so ya just never know!!!

Thanks again!

Rochelle and family.

Muzza cool

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