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"Eric Deanie Siegal-Sperling " Is Born!


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Well...At 5:59 P.M. today.....

my daughter Mira gave birth to a 7and 1/2 pound future EC.Com boy member.

I'm still encountering resistance from her as to whether she'll be using the splendid name above for my first grandchild....

But for now I'm just ecstatic that I'm a young grandpa and that after alot of tough times..."She Did It". happy -Ira.

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Whoohoo!!!! insane Welcome to Grandiesville. laugh A Grander person to be a Grandad I cannot think of.

Congrats to you and your daughter Ira. This is one child we know is going to have a real gentleman for a Grandad. Enjoy him to the max my friend. wink Let me know when you get to 14!!!!! :Phappy

Muzza cool

P.S. I'll let Kiwi do her own post cause she's a girl and she likes doing things her way :rolleyes:

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Thanks everyone....My daughter insisted on going against (My) popular opinion...and has given my grandson the beautiful name Justin.

Oh Well....Maybe he'll grow up and play in a Raspberries Tribute band named somethin' like "Play On"...and give Gran'pa Ira even more "Nachas" (Jewish for pleasure!)

Thanks again everyone for your good wishes.

You're all invited to the Bar Mitzvah at the Cleveland House of Blues...May 10th...20021.

Save The Date!

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