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What to do...What to do......


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Alas, I am not part of 'Anyone's' Harem; nor do I intend to be; I am usually pretty much hit or miss in the 'topic department'; due to health issues(and currently hands going numb quickly), I can never stay for too long at our "EC Family home" ~ so it's becoming increasingly difficult to 'connect' with many of you whom I initially enjoyed having this wonderful opportunity to get to know; I have yet to ask that 'magical question' or post that 'magical post' that Eric finds interesting enough to respond too; in relation to the "Sunday Football" topic, I am feeling more and more like the lil guy who can't seem to break into the huddle to hear what's going on...or worse, I am being benched more and more frequently(once again, my own health is sabotaging me)....so here I sit with this dilemma of 'what to do, what to do'???!!! What would some of you do?? I am beginning to feel like that Clash song ...."Should I Stay or Should I Go"?? If anyone read this and wants to help/reply I would truly be appreciative.

*Lost In The Barrens*

*Vera* Indifferent

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Vera...Hang in there...I have carpal tunnel, in my typing hand, so I know about numbness in the hands...I pop in a couple of times a day...DO NOT leave...just continue to post please...as for finding the magical question..being a newbie I have a hunch about Eric, I think he reads the board, but it would just be to much for him to respond to everyone...So hang in there...Please, and again thanks for the welcome..

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Vera! Shelley's right! Of course you should stay! Keep posting as much as you're able and jump in when you feel like it. At first, I felt the same way, but then I just decided to relax and "go with it" and post when I feel like I want to say something--but I mostly avoid posting on the political threads because I tend to "run a little hot" about that stuff and I don't want to argue. So I just stay where I feel comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Pretend you're at a party and just mingle. smile


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Hey Vera--I'm right there with you. Ever since my husband passed away, I just don't feel like I fit in anywhere. Not just here, but anywhere in the world actually. I imagine being ill is a lot like being in deep grief at times--people avoid you like the plague--fearing what to say, what not to say, etc.... I even have this problem at church. It's just plain ackward. People don't want to upset you, so they ignore the elephant in the room. The fact is though, that it's much more upsetting to percieve that people have forgotten or just don't want to bring it up. Hope I'm not being presumptuous. I haven't faced an illness like you have (although I did go through a really rough patch about 15 years ago when it looked as if I were going to go blind and people kind of reacted weird then too.

Thing is though, I would have been the same way before experiencing it first hand myself.

As for Eric responding to a post, I don't know what to tell you. I got a response once upon a time in the old days before he was on the board and Bernie did a feature called "Ask Eric". It was a real thrill to have him answer my question. (BTW, it was to ask what the funniest thing that had ever happened to him on tour).

I'd like to think that even though he doesn't neccessarily respond to our posts in written form, that he at least reads them and at the very least, wraps his head around them for a moment or two.

So anyway, hang in there. I for one enjoy reading anything you have to say and am sure that many many more feel that way as well. You're a charming, warm person. Every post you have always reflects that about you. Consider yourself "cyber hugged". Please stick around.\

Love and Blessings,


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I want to thank all of you who have taken a moment to read and respond to this particular post of mine. I want you all to know, I am NOT looking for any type of 'sympathy', perhaps a lil compassion and understanding...I have been feeling very disconnected and also this has been one place I use to feel 'connected' or like what I say was worth some 'salt'. I guess I have been feeling more and more like 'the elephant in the room' and that is on me because of my health...but I also have been longing to feel part of the "EC" family again and unfortunately, that hasn't been the case for some time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading and responding still, I am just 'questioning' if considering my limitations, if this is truly still one of the places to continue to extend myself on a regular basis. Once again, for those of you who took the time to respond, you will NEVER truly know what your words and your time have meant to me!!


Vera LuvLove

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While many of you here rejoice about the results of your election, today is a very sad & difficult one for me. Perhaps, one day, I will meet up (God Willing) with you (should you want too)at the next "Raspberries Reunion"concert wherever/whenever that may be! I am not playing any game here, I need to withdraw from being part of this site at this time. Many of you have been sooo amazingly kind and have become life-long friends within my heart. Although it has not quite been a year since I joined, I feel my time has ran it's course at this board. As I stated previously, my health is the *MAJOR* factor in reaching this decision. Please continue to 'watch over' my sista Valorie and continue to take care of yourselves and those whom you hold dear in your heart...you never know when you whisper goodbye to them that it may be for the last time, so make every moment count! I thank you for all of the thought-provoking conversation, as well as the many many laughs (Tony wink ) you are a treasure. Ira, may you continue with your philosophically- inspired story telling! Marvin and Hollies65, keep challenging each other for the ultimate title of "Music Champion Afficionado"! MJ, keep chasing your dream ...you never know when it may come true! happy Lovely Kiwi,Darlene, Julie, Boopell, Laura and *newbie* Shelley, keep the 'heart' of this site going with all of your warmth, compassion and humanity! Reid, Kathy and Beatlejay please make sure our beloved animals always have a spot here for recognition and conversation! Dear Muzza, thank you for being such a rock to many of us; you certainly have a gift! For those of you I do not mention by name, it is just my hands are already 'numbing' and I know soon my typed words will just be unrecognizable jumbles but please please know you will never be forgotten by me either!...Finally, to Eric, Bernie, Al K, and Gene....thank you for sharing your *gifts* with the rest of us and the world, we are better human beings for it!

Take Good Care of Each Other,

Luv Ya

*Vera* aka *RaspberryWolf* LuvLove

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