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Would You Date Carmen Smalley?

The NH Bushman

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A date with Carmen:

3 hours of strange music blasting in a pot smoke filled apartment listening to an incoherent explanation of why America is to blame for everything in the world from suicide bombers to why she can't afford a bigger apartment... Oh yeah, that sounds like fun. arrgh

I think Michael Moore is single. Though it looks like he is about to spawn some reptile-like offspring from his ever-expanding waistline...ribbit...ribbit

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Carmen: Tony, come right in and grab yourself a doobie.

Tony: Thanks, Carmen. Got anything fried around here other than your brain? A Big Mac sounds good!

Carmen: There you go again, making fun of my medical condition. We're not going to play twister if you keep that up!

Tony: I thought we were going to talk politics, tonight. I've been practicing my Arnold impression just for you.

Carmen: If you can do Arnold like I imagine him after I have a few puffs, we can skip the twister game! "Come with me if you want to live". What do you say, Tony, want to live it up a little?

Tony: I think I hear a super size #1 calling my name. Don't worry, I'll be back. Asta la vista, baby...Kirk.

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Being a woman, I have to say no, of course. I think any guy who took her out to dinner would be in for some wild dinner conversation! Especially if they both didn't speak Spanish! A lot seems to get lost in translation. But I think Carmen and Tiny Castnill would do very well together.

smile --D

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You know, come to think of it Carmen hasn't shown up here in a few days which is unusual.

Maybe she saw this thread and got scared!

or she's getting the apartment ready waiting for Tony to arrive!

In another thread I asked her for a topless beach photo. She emailed me and said that she was going to visit her friends in an area with a beach nearby and that she would send me a pic of her from there. Really. She did. So, she is probably at the beach, enjoying herself. Or, she might be trying to hack the poll to see who voted and how.
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About having a date? A date with Tony.It would be impossible.He¥d prefer to watch Bill O¥Reilly.Anyway I¥d listen to Beee Gees first album(also Run To Me) in a date with Tony.and I¥d teask him to play all that soft AC stuff he likes.Maybe I¥d ceck some good melodies(although the instrumentation is crap) out.I¥d also try him to smoke a joint.

A date with Darlene?I suppose I¥m lost in translation again,but having a date doesn¥t mean it has to be a sexual date.Well, a date with Darlene would be Darlene playing Hungarian Czardas on violin to me.Then she would persuade her friend the pianist of the orchestra and then we¥d cover Boats Against The Current in a Diana Krall¥s way(with me on voice),although my voice is absolutely different to Diana¥s one.My voice is similar to Dorothy Moskowitz¥s one.

A date with Kirk.I don¥t know if it would be a funny date.He¥d only say "Let¥s Pretend", "Let¥s Pretend", Let¥s Pretend"...LOL

A date with Poor4life?,Sorry,but him,Jennifer,Hungry Eyes,Laura and Marlene aren¥t my closests friends in the forum.

A date with Gord?We¥d talk about books annd writers.I¥d recommend him The Prophet by Khalil Gibran and The Gardener by Rabindranath Tagore(The purest spirituality) and also The Prelude by William Wordsworth(witch is so vividly emotional and spiritual that will suck his energy in case he¥s a very sensitiver person.and I think he really is.

More dates later.

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A date with Gord?We¥d talk about books annd writers.I¥d recommend him The Prophet by Khalil Gibran...

Hey Carmen,

I love "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. My husband and I memorized the part on marriage and recited it at our wedding. I was so nervous about forgetting my lines, it made me worry less about everything else during the ceremony. After I was done saying my memorized part, the rest of the ceremony was a piece of cake! The book is beautiful, and my husband was raised by a mother who takes it very seriously, so he was raised in a much different way than most children. Maybe that's why he's such a wonderful, unique individual!

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Gord, i agree with you.....a big group date would be fun. I'm in !!

Carmen, we're just teasing you. I'm married, too, and very happily so.

I'm sure you have NO problem getting a date when you want one. You seem so full of energy, I'm afraid i couldn't keep up with you, even on a girl's day out. Have fun!

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I don't plan on having a date with Carmen or anyone for that matter, it's just that you can't view the results unless you vote, and I was curious to see the results. I'm also married. But don't take it personally, Carmen. I would like to learn Spanish, maybe it would help me understand some of your posts. wink

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