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The Rear View Mirror


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Yikes - on the way home this afternoon from Orlando on I-75 I was doing a good 89 in a 70 and I had the Berries blasting - I think I had on the tv version of Play On in the CD player and I looked in the rear view and up on my tail was a police car - luckily for me he was in a hurry more than I was so I got into the other lane pronto so that he could go 100 mph.... I wonder if he had on a Berries CD as well??? LOL.

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Best keep an eye on the speedometer when the Live CD is playing!! Had a few of those "uh-oh" moments myself.

For some fortunate reason, the Fla police don't seem to mind excessive speeds on 75. I called in to report 2 excessively reckless drivers, and the reaction was --you're where? 75? Oh, well.....


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MJ, I know what you mean. I have trouble keeping the speed down when I'm playing Berries. I was once stopped doing 41 in a 25 on the way to school. Luckily, I *did* have a migraine and was on medication so I told him that and didn't mention the music. He turned out to be a migraine sufferer and took pity on me and said, "Make sure you watch your speed when on medication." He gave me a warning instead of a ticket. I don't *dare* play the new album in the car! I listen to that at home.

smile --Darlene

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