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Penguins going to the Stanley Cup Finals

Steeler Deb

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Good for the Penguins, but it's incredible how a team can be re-built by being lousy for a long period of time, and then getting #1 / Top Draft picks as a result: Marc-Andre Fleury, Ryan Whitney, Ryan Malone, Brooks Orpik, Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal, and Evgeny Malkin - are the Draft results of lousy years.

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Better enjoy it while they can. In this day of salary caps, there's no way the Pens will hold onto Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Staal, et al in the next few years. Chances are they'll even lose Marian Hossa in a few weeks come free-agent time.

p.s. Ted, Detroit still needs one more win to make it to the Final.

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I am not really a hockey fan, but from what little I saw of this series, it was great! Both teams should be commended for being there!

And some deja vu happened during the commercial break......I saw this commercial for this furniture store called "The Brick".....they used to have stores in California, about 20 years ago, but only lasted a year or two before shutting its doors.

Apparently somebody has revived "The Brick" name, and is even using the same logo they had way back then. First I have been getting Monkey Wards ads by e-mail, and now I see an ad for "The Brick" in the middle of the Stanley cup games.

What's next with defunct companies? A new release on RSO records? Seeing an Eastern Airlines plane in Atlanta? Studebaker making the Avanti again?

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Marvin, got a question about "The Brick"----has it existed in Canada all along, or was this something that has been revived(which I thought happened)?

People made the same assumption about Liberty House, too......although the stores in the mainland all closed, it still operated in Hawaii.

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