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Prayer Request, Please


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We seem to be over the worst of it for the moment. The uncle's memorial service did a lot to help Shaun and Shannon solidify her side of the family and mend broken fences. There's some degree of peace there that's spreading.

Her mother, Betty, is still in the hospital. She was due to be released yesterday but her heart meds still aren't stable so they held her. Better than releasing her and having a problem occur at home! Shaun and Shannon cleaned the carpet in her room and scrubbed the place down. They need to start getting rid of all of that cigarette smoke in there so as not to further tax her lungs.

Laura held a pumpkin-carving party at her house Saturday night so that all the kids could play together. Shaun has three (11,3,1), Laura has two (4,1) so you can imagine what THAT was like!!! haha The kids were fine... it was Laura and Shaun that were throwing pumpkin guts at each other! eek They found their own way to create a stress-reliever. I'm sure Brian and Annie will go Trick-or-Treating with the kids and then bring them all back here so everyone is being occupied in very fun and healthy ways. I have the mantle all decorated for them with ceramic jack-o-lanterns to light and natural gourds... and I bet I could probably put together some spiced cider and pumpkin bread for them! winkhappy

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