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Raspberries - a fan's tribute (or Reflections #3)


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Tony, by all means send your tape.

I can transfer it to digital. I won't guarantee it'll sound perfect--there may be some differences in audio quality due to the transfer, but I can certainly give it a shot!

Please mail it to:

Howard Whitman

370 Technology Drive

Malvern PA 19355



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Got the track done. Throat still a bit sore to sing this song, but needed to sing it anyway---- turned out a bit inconsistent, though. Cartmill will probably outdo me this time in the singing department smile

Anyway, will be on the way soon....will FedEx it to you tomorrow.

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OK, today, on the eve of the big show, it's time for an update on this here tribute thang.

When Marv and I started up again with this project, it was our hope and intention to have it ready in time to present it to the band at the NYC shows.

And the response has been tremendous! We've gotten GREAT submissions not only from some big names (some VERY close to the band), but also from our fan friends like Mike Miller, Blackhawk Pat, Tommy Allen and Billy K.

As previously reported, we do have the makings of a fantastic CD, 16 songs at last count and about an hour's worth of music.

But the reality is that it won't be ready in time for the 'Berries shows this weekend.

Marv and I always intended this to be a first-rate project, with a CD insert that would feature not only info on the contributing artists, but also notes and dedications from...well, you'll see, but it's going to be amazing.

We've been working with a designer, Mark Ertmer, to put all that together.

But I can tell you from my experiences in the publishing industry and with another CD project I'm currently wrapping up that such things take plenty of time, and can't be rushed. We don't want to put this out until it's right. At this point, all we could hand the 'Berries would be CDs in blank cases labeled with a Sharpie.

So here's the skinny:

There WILL be a tribute CD. It will be awesome, filled with great music in the style of our favorite band (and some material inspired by EC solo as well.) It will have a great cover filled with lots of extra goodies.

It just won't be ready this weekend.

Our plan is to try and have it ready sometime in August. The initial drive is to get four copies ready for the band members.

From there, providing there's interest from our fellow fans, we'll explore options for making it available, possibly for sale with all proceeds going to a charity such as the Carl Wilson Memorial Fund.

To all the artists who've so generously given their time, talent and energy to getting their songs in and done, our sincere thanks. Your efforts won't be wasted!

To everyone anticipating our cool little extra-curricular project, stay tuned...and stay "so f---in' optimistic..."

See you in NYC!


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Just returned from 60+ days of overseas travel.... do I still have time? I just arrived into NY this weekend.

I will catch up with you and Marvin to discuss I have Protools and can get it rolling on my return to Dallas next week... Moved from LA back to TX prior to the whirlwind trip

Just forgot I have to go to MI for a few appointments mid next week....

Let me know I work well under deadlines and pressure!!


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Jerry, Tony and other interested parties,

There's still time to get your tracks in.

Jerry--it was nice to chat with you Saturday night at BB Kings.

I look forward to hearing your track, and Tony's as well. So get 'em in!

I was able to hand Marvin (whom I met for the 1st time Saturday night in NYC) a rough burn of the CD as it currently stands. We have a hell of a collection already, folks, and it's only getting better all the time...



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Got it today, Tony! Two tapes of Cartmill goodness arrived this afternoon. Thanks very much for getting them in.

I took a listen to your songs, and I must say I'm very impressed! You shouldn't put down your singing, Tony. You have a very nice voice, and I really liked your songs too.

Thanks again.


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