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An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore)


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Just got home from work...I'm not taking too much of a beating on here laugh Keep those captions coming! I was a little reluctant to put this in Kathy's hands- really wasn't too sure what to do with James' harem if they got wind of it spin

Worst thing about the outfit (other than trying to remember NOT to bend over; the fur started to itch part way through my shift. Do you think I had anything to change into? Nope. Also, I had charcoal rubbed on my skin, and it rained that day! I was carrying around this huge bone, and I kept knocking displays over! But it was FUN, though LuvLove Kirk.

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Ah Kirk... Two Questions... First One.... Did you wear that while driving the Tiger with the top down???? laugh Second question...You know what they ask a Scotsman about what they wear under their Kilt... Well what's under the Loin Cloth???? eek:P

Caption.... "Could you connect me to Fred Flintstone please."

Muzza cool

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Muzza--I can see the headline now: 'Caveman Rides Tiger To Work!' Uh, no, I never leave the Tiger parked where I can't see it. I think what you wear under a loin cloth is- air conditioning- cause that's what it felt like eek --Kirk.

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The Huffington Post and Media Matters! 2 of the most idealogical left-wing spin oufits on the net. That's like quoting Hannity or Limbaugh to defend Bush. Can we have some unbiased reporting please?...

Oh, by the way. I have some problems with Gore trashing our military when he spoke overseas a few months ago. Great Al, Give the benefit of the doubt to the Jihad savages, and imply that we are the bad guys...

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Tony, I remember your rant on Gore, but he didn't trash our military.... He spoke out against the war, because he believes it's a mess we shouldn't be in. (Granted, better not to do that on foreign soil, but, he was honest.... No spin or sugar-coating!)

You know, I'm kind of onto you, Tony C. Let me see if I have this right: You voted for Bush and you're kind of sorry that you did...

so you kind of would like to see Gore --- more so than Hillary or Obama or Edwards or McCain or Guiliani or anyone else --- become president...

yet you can't let go of the ideologies that drew you to Bush in the first place...

so you drudge up all the things that right-wing extremists throw out there in the "smear-whichever-liberal-is-hot" campaign, including that "invented the Internet" deal and the "private jetting" thing and the latest "electric bill" expose...

yet deep inside, you know is the right man for the job, if you could just be convinced that the smear campaigns actually are smear campaigns and not valid, well-researched, fact-based reporting.

Do I have that about right? Apologies if I'm overstating (or understating). But stick with Gore, and maybe consider the "Draft Gore" campaign, and keep asking questions.

Just don't wear a loin cloth!

PS: Here's a Time magazine note on the electric-bill thing, but it's spin-less. It's almost weird to see straight reporting these days, isn't it?


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I LIKE Kirk in a loincloth. LuvLovelaugh

By the way, I think I know what Bernie's getting for Father's Day this year....

By the way, Kirk, it sounds comfortable. I mean, women get to wear dresses.... Why not loin cloths for men? Maybe all of the guys should commit to wearing one at the next Raspberries concert. What a sight that would be....

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</font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by Kirk:

<strong> I was carrying around this huge bone, and I kept knocking displays over! But it was FUN, though hahahahalaugh

How could I miss that softball right over the middle of the plate.

Thinking about Gore has knocked me off my game...

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Tony, I felt the same way. Kirk serves up meatball --- "carrying around a huge bone" in a discussion of loin cloths --- and we're dissecting Gore's electric bill. Shame on us.

If Kathy hadn't pounced on it, I might have missed it altogether....

Kathy, maybe Kirk's caveman get-up deserves a thread of its own!

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Good Job Al! Now STRIKE, while the iron is hot! Just don't act like a robot running low on batteries this time...

Hey, what happened to this Tony Cartmill, who showed up on p. 8 of this thread? You're not warming up to Mitt Romney, are you?
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Is that the same Internet that Al Gore invented?

Ah, the urban legend that just won't go away.... Before the 2000 election, a sloppy journalist actually ADDED the word "invented" to a Gore quote, and after that, it took on a life of its own.

For the record (and it's been well-documented, as Paulie pointed out earlier), Gore never said he "invented the Internet." He did talk about how his legislative support helped get the Internet off the ground, but a "creative" writer at Wired News added the word 'invented' into his story, and from then on, every comedian, Republican, and Cartmill out there painted him as this crazed liar.

Gore since has been vindicated all over the place, including by Vincent Cerf, known as "the Father of the Internet," who wrote, "The Internet would not be where it is in the United States without the strong support given to it and related research areas by the Vice President in his current role and in his earlier role as Senator."

But nobody remembers "corrections" run in newspapers or follow-ups in magazines. They remember the initial quote. That's why Tony C and many others will always think of Gore as a global-warming hypocrite whose electric bill is too high. Never mind the facts: Go with the original spin fostered by Gore's detractors.

You know, I don't blame the guy for opting not to run for office again. He's been victimized by misquotes and out-of-context comments more than anyone in the history of politics.

Check out this story from Washington Monthly to see how irresponsible journalism (and I HATE irresponsible journalism --- shameful!) in several instances helped Gore's detractors paint him as a "Pinocchio" (and this story was written six years ago!):


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Al could start a campaign on "Global Fattening" too. Combine it with the Warming thing, and get some extra publicity. I will take a fat Al Gore over a fat Hillary Clinton any day. I will take a fat Al Gore for president over a skinny Borax O'Baba any day.

Cartmill's point is well taken though, some of the richest and most powerful people playing the "environmental game " consume materials and energy beyond measure in terms of their personal holdings, properties, and lifestyles. There is an inconsistency to their positions because it's a moral or ethical decision, involving the environment, as to whether or not a couple individuals actually should need several homes and a vast collection of vehicles. If someof these people truly cared about the environment they would consider balancing the buying of things new vs. second hand more often to new so we arent continually depleting our resources and raw materials which are running out or in peril of being sustained.

Id vote for Mitt Romney only because his first name reminds me of baseball.

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