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An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore)


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This "new" direction for Al Gore has started getting some of the "big name" conservative commentators nervous I think. I was channel surfing the radio dial this afternoon as I drove between KC and STL and stumbled upon Sean Hannity having a coronary describing how he was trying to expose Gore and those like him as frauds because they drive SUV's and fly in private jets everywhere... and if you know Hannity you know that once he starts on a topic he just keeps going and going and going...

And the big point is that they wouldn't be worried about it except they fear Gore getting the good press and then maybe being a "player" in the upcoming campaign. He doesn't have to be "the man" to be give his support or who knows, maybe even be VP again... so they're trying to undermine the good PR he's getting.

It's so obvious that it's almost funny...

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Speaking of funny, Paulie (and I agree with you on the pit-bull personalities of the likes of Sean Hannity), Gore did a hilarious bit on the Academy Awards, when Leonardo DiCaprio kept asking him if he had any major announcements. (He finally pulled a speech out of his jacket pocket and started saying, "My fellow Americans, tonight, I would like to formally announce...," only to be cut off by the "end of speech" music. What a tease....)

Well, the man's got a sense of humor. (I wish it weren''t so hidden during the 2000 election.) And now he's got an Oscar, too.

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Should Gore Run?

This is the first I've seen of this, but I'm sure much more is to follow. AOL is giving you a chance to vote through the "Daily Pulse" on several items regardin Al Gore... including should he run, will he run, and how strong a chance he has over Hillary...

If he opts to run, I might have to rethink my oathe to vote independent this round...

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Good going! I've always been a Gore fan, so I like your thinking. Even when he was VP, I thought he as sharp as---and more genuine and trustworthy than---Bill Clinton (just not near the politician). Gore has always struck me as someone with substance and character. The media has been tough on him, but in most cases, the "twists and turns" of his words by detractors and editorializing media outlets have been unfair and flat-out wrong.

Bottom line: The 2008 election is maybe the most important in ages. I remember people in 2000 saying that the voted for Bush because he's the kind of guy you'd sit down and have a cup of coffee with at a the local diner! :P Remember that? Bush's down-home, folksy personality helped him get the nod over the more robotic but far more qualified Gore.

This is the most powerful position in the free world; it should go to the most qualified person, one whose skills match the job requirements. It should be filled by the man or woman who has the best experience at that level; shows outstanding judgment; is intelligent; is ethical and honest; is committed to getting the economy on track regardless of personal interests; is well-versed in international politics (as Tony C keeps reminding us, the U.S. has a big TARGET sign hypno on its back that terrorists are locked onto); and, of course, has won an Oscar.

Okay, I'm just kidding about the Oscar. But when I consider all 20-some candidates who are in the running, none match up to Gore, IMHO. I'm afraid it won't matter, because I doubt he's going to run (wouldn't that p*** off his former boss if he did run?).

But you know what? I might vote for him anyway.

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Or is Al just another Limousine Liberal? Since he started his little "Inconvenient Truth Crusade", the power usage in his mansion has risen, and is now about 20 times the power usage of the average household. 20 TIMES AL? Couldn't you maybe have the family turn off some of the landscape mood lighting or turn down a couple of the hot tub temps a few degrees?

And shouldn't a true "Practice What You Preach" Global Warming pundit stop or at least CUT DOWN on his PRIVATE JET fuel burning? Maybe take a commerical flight to his little lectures? Take a hybrid instead of a 8-mile-to-the-gallon LIMO to his black-tie parties?

So, everybody make changes and sacrifices in their lives for the sake of Global Warming except you Al, because you can afford not to?...

Sounds like just another, "Do as I say, not as I do" politician, but with a hip cause that Hollywood likes...

Any thoughts, LC?

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Ah, you're gonna get me going on this shameless story? Okay... Here's what's happening:

A) Thanks to Al Gore's film and Oscar and positive press and calls for him to run for president, there's a palpable "Gore Groundswell" going on, so...

B) ...the Republican Smear Committee instantly gets busy with an attack, taking a break from Hillary-Bashing to somehow acquire Gore's electricity bill (which, by the way, is private information). The problem is, they've got it backwards. They've got it all wrong!

The story originated from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, which tries to call itself "independent and nonpartisan." It's anything but. The Center's president is a 27-year-old whose enterprise has taken money from oil companies, who's known to believe global warming is not a problem, and who is a "cheerleader" for the war in Iraq.

The Center's "nonpartisan" press release reported that the electricity bill at Gore's 20-room, 8-bathroom home (which includes offices for both Al and Tipper as well as a guest home as well as security devices that former VPs are afforded) is a whopping $1,359 per month.

The release conveniently doesn't mention, however, that the Gores actually use 100% "green power" -- electricity produced only from renewable sources. As a result, they pay $4 more per every 150 kilowatt hours in order to minimize carbon pollution --- which means they spend $6000 more per year than they need to in an effort to be environmentally friendly.

The release also doesn't mention that the Gores long ago had solar panels installed, or that they use compact fluorescent bulbs (among other energy saving technology). In other words, the Gores ARE practicing what they preach.

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PS: The "non-partisan" media doesn't bother to tell the whole story (the better to smear their target...). As someone who got his degree in journalism and takes the responsibility of reporting seriously, I find the news media to be a joke when it resorts to editorializing this way. Half of America -- probably MOST of America -- won't hear the whole story or bother to find out the facts I mentioned above.... So voila! Gore is suddenly made to look like a hypocrite, when the opposite is true....

Oh, man. I used to think this kind of stuff was funny. Now I'm just disgusted....

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The energy saved by using solar panels would not show up on his energy bill, because it is free, from the sun. So one wonders how many solar panels is Al using, and should he get his money back from the maker? And where do you get this 100% green power crap? Who has access to 100% green power? The power company probably takes Al's surchage money and gives his power sucking estate whatever type of energy it can produce that week. Al's not trying hard enough.

I know that this report was exposed by people who don't care for Gore, but you don't have energy bills that are 20 times the norm if you are really trying to conserve and/or go green.

Take the blinders off LC! Al Gore is a lifelong "public servant" politician who was born rich and has always been rich. He has a trendy crusade now (whose cause is still being debated, whether you want to admit it or not) I like his message, but he needs to show he's willing to make some sacrifices in his "lifestyle" (Private jet trips, private limos, multiple energy-sucking mansions) before I'm going to crown him "Saint Al of Greenland."

Till then, I will listen more to Ed Begly Jr and Darryl Hannah when it comes to conservation...

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Try that Olbermann link again LC. It has an ID error.

As I watch it, I must remember that Keith is a far-left partisan hack, so I must read between the lines and facts to get to the real truth.

Keith gets the real truth right about half the time...Which is not so good when you used to be a journalist...

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The energy saved by using solar panels would not show up on his energy bill, because it is free, from the sun. So one wonders how many solar panels is Al using, and should he get his money back from the maker? And where do you get this 100% green power crap? Who has access to 100% green power?

Tony, I don't get your first question there. I wasn't connecting the solar panels to his energy bill; I was mentioning them as one of the steps he's taken (and could afford to take) to "practice what he preaches."

As for the green power "crap," the Gores get their power from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which offers power from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and methane gas. It's right at their web site:


The site summarizes its program utilizing "green power" like this:

"TVA and participating local public power companies, working with input from the environmental community, have created a program called Green Power Switch to produce electricity from renewable sources."

Like I said, it costs more, so it doesn't work for everyone. But those who can afford it are making an effort (as the Gores are). Here's an FAQ page on "Green Power Switch":



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And another thing:

The "story" (I'd call it a non-story) about the Gores' electric bill is getting tons of attention all over the Internet --- some of it defending Gore, some of it attacking. Among all the reactions I've read, my position is in line with this one, posted at C/NET News:

"Al Gore is a rich man with a large home. He can do this because

he lives in the United States of America where you can buy

things with the money you have. What separates Gore from the average wealthy person is that he offsets his energy consumption. You can produce energy from sources that don't pollute the environment, and he's doing that. Energy production does not equal global warming. CO2 produces global warming! He can get his energy from wind power and have as big as a home as he wants! Don't criticize without all the facts!"

Another reader wrote:

"Even if Al Gore heats his house by burning puppies it does not change The Message: Greenhouse gases are bad; the earth is heating; we have to reduce CO2, now! And if that means Exxon doesn't make $12 billion in profits a quarter next year...I can live with that."

And about the "private jet" thing.... Sean Hannity, who may be the biggest boob on TV, did his own smear campaign, calling himself "a proud polluter" and ripping Gore to shreds for things like flying in a private jet in January 2000 to attend the State of the Union address (Hannity forgot to mention that Gore was the VP at the time and was following Secret Service security protocol).

I'm not sure what other private jet abuses Gore is "guilty" of, but I'd bet they were frequently related to security that should be given to our VPs....

Of course, smearers go to great lengths to run down those they hate. One Gore detractor at C/NET ripped him because he went to the Academy Awards, wasting energy to get there when he could have stayed home and accepted his award via satellite. People can be real wack jobs.... Guys like the one I just mentioned wouldn't be happy unless Gore razed his home, planted a garden and lived off the land, wearing only a loin cloth.

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Yeah, but if Gore (and Tipper too) wore only a loin cloth, think of all the energy savings.... They wouldn't be wasting gas to travel to buy clothes, they wouldn't be using energy to wash, dry, or iron them, and they wouldn't be spending money with any companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute clothing.

Maybe everyone in warm-weather regions should start wearing loin cloths only, just to do their part. (Don't you live in San Diego?)


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Driving across the country for a couple of weeks I heard lots of talk radio... and noticed that Sean Hannity seemed to be leading the charge to discredit Al Gore as an environmental friendly guy... trying to say that he drives an SUV and flies private virtually everywhere... Rush Limbaugh (or as Michael Savage calls him, Hush Bimbo) joined the fray and also proudly flaunts his waste of energy and goes so far as to boast that he has not nor will he ever own, drive, or ride in a "hybrid" vehicle...

For all their bellowing and belly aching, they're hiding the truth that they fear Al Gore might enter the presidental race. They have a handle on Hillary (and she in fact does a good deal of imploding with her past and her mouth) but Al has been laying a groundwork of popularity that might get him the few extra votes he lacked in '00.

It makes perfect sense on their part though, you throw out there that Al spends a fortune on energy and a lot of people will say "What a hypocrite!" without looking into the truth; which LC points out that the bulk of his bill is because he is a man who walks the walk that he talks.

It might well be that the day of conservative talk hosts telling us what to think are as over as their careers will be once we all start thinking for ourselves again. laugh

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LC, I have not had the opportunity to watch the DVD, but I have to say I'm impressed with your knowledge on this subject. Although it may not be a huge step, I've changed all the bulbs in our house to the sprials....a bit more expensive initially....but a money and energy saver in the long run!!

As for candidates for our next president (and yes, I like Al Gore and wish he would run).....that's a tough one. Whoever steps in is going to have a mess to clean up. I don't know that any of the candidates are "ready" for the job. It's pretty darned scary!! I'll tell you who I will NOT vote for. Former Arkansas governor Mike Hucakbee......10 years of him has put Arkansas on its ear.

My thought is that be we Republican, Democrat, Independent....the bottom line is that we all want the same things......a safe clean world to raise our children in, world peace, and peace of mind!!


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Paulie and Tony,

Here's a great line by a Philadelphia Daily News writer:

"...[W]hen it comes to greenhouse gases and climate change -- one of the three great interlocking issues of our time, along with Peak Oil and war and peace in the oil-producing regions -- the conservative movement has absolutely zero to say.

"Because, think about it -- if global warming isn't really a problem, then they shouldn't care how much electricity Gore uses, and if it is a problem, then there's bigger fish to fry out there than one man in Tennessee and his mansion and SUV [a hybrid!], right? Why can't conservatives argue THE ISSUE of global warming, rather than this crap?"

That's one of the great "gotchas" of all time!

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