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Where's Lew Bundles?...


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... and why haven't we heard from him? Has he been silenced by the powers to be over his trifectas OR has he been lulled to sleep by the lame-o posts on board since the LA show. With all the sacharine and sucking up posts since the LA show is it possible darlene has found a way to post using other board members names or worse has she taken over their bodies. Even the great Tony Cartmill has been overcome a bit. Marvin, get us some thing interesting to post about like you usually do. Kirk, sugarBabi7, stringer,Jimmy the Nick, Mathew C. Clark, raspberrywine, come back to your senses . If I wanted to read darlene's posts I would read "Darlene's posts".

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Speaking of Lew,I just learned thatSirius satellite radiowill devote one of its channels exclusively to the music of Bruce Springsteen from Nov. 1 to Jan.31.It will include rre tracks, a new Springsteen interview with writer Dave Marsh and interviews with members of Sprinsteen's E Street Band. Won't Lew be thrilled.

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