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Hi ya everyone -

Just to give details: we have a reservation for 10 (let me know if we need to add!) under "annie" for 2 p.m. at Lucille's Grill in BB Kings for this Sunday, May 3rd.

Let the Good Times Roll!!!!

Everyone is welcome and definitely the more the merrier!

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I know that from Wednesday until they leave is already arranged, tickets and all, since before they left NZ. I am pretty sure there's another get together - check with Ira. I don't know what you will be able to arrange Tommy and Lew - get thee to the city Sunday, boys!!! :p

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Despite the soggy and gloomy weather today, the meeting at BB Kings was bright and cheerful! Hugs and kisses filled the room! LuvLove

Kiwi and Muzza were as gracious as ever and they look great !! All this traveling seems to agree with them.

Two “newbies†were there today…DonnaL and Kathy222, and are they SWEET !! They fit right in....I’m so glad they decided to make the trip.

I was also especially happy to see AnnieK.....I hugged her like there was no tomorrow !! And that husband of hers….what a doll !! Annie…can you clone him ?? PLEASE ????

JohnP and Giro looked as dashing as ever and AnnieG and Maggie Clark graced us with their presence.

We all had a great time talking, catching up on each other’s lives and discussing “sex on a stickâ€!! wink That’s as far as I go with that. If anyone wants more information, it’s within the walls of BBKings !

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Sherri - when Muzza gets back from the city today I will try to have him send a few photos for posting!

Kiwi and Muzza just left with Peter to go to see the Museum of Natural History and a bit more of Times Square.

I haave to work today so I am home finishing reports and notes.

I loved yesterday so much - it was really the essence of what we love about ec.com. People from all over meeting up to discuss our mutual love of music and artists.

We were lucky enough that, at the beginning, we had Lucille's cafe all to ourselves - perfect for hearing all the conversations across the long table. There were 11 of us - DonnaL, kathy222, AnneG, Maggie Clark, GMan, Dianed, Muzza, Kiwi, JohnP, Pete and I. For two full hours we had a great time meeting our newbies and catching up with the old timers. The New Zealand flags were flying on the table.

Then at the 4 p.m. time, a large group of musicians from a Pueblo, Colorado High school came in. Parents and friends came to hear 2 jazz emsembles from the school, one of which won the Best High School Jazz Band in the State of Colorado. So we heard geat music for the next hour while we wrapped up our meet and greet.

I absolutely loved the whole day. And, yes, as usual, we discussed some "sex on a stick" - you'll all just have to wonder who that referred to (there are two) Don't Ask - Don't Tell.

Thanks to everyone who came out!!!

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I was great to meet all that came out in the rain yesterday!!! You are all so friendly and welcoming. I can't wait till the next get together! Don't worry about the "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" policy... It's all in the vault...lol..

Hugs to all!


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