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Post Surgery Question:

Tony Cartmill

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I've been given post-op hernia surgery instructions from my doctor for my Friday surgery. Some basic stuff but not much detail. "Let pain be your guide" is the best advice...

Does anybody have advice about vitamin/mineral suppliments and/or foods that will speed up the healing process?

Also, any other post hernia surgery tips would be welcome from those in the know?

Thank you in advance...

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I had the surgery in '92,.. a couple things:

1. Best to rest the body area where the

surgery is performed.....thus avoid

fantasies starring Hillary...

2. Post-op, I had trouble with nurses (who had

nothing to do with my post-op care),

pretending to have me as their patient..

..so they could "check out" the surgeried

area. arrgh

3. In the same vein as #2, if Osama or Al-

Zaquari come by dressed up as Doctors, don't

let them give you an exam!

4. Request Sister Mary Raspberry smile (..that

was a good one Darlene smile ) to pray a

rosary for you.

Hope the above help...if I think of some more, I'll post them up.

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As a nurse, protein and vitamin C promote healing, but eating a balanced diet is best. High fiber for obvious reasons. Lots of fluids. Pain med as needed. Deep breathing and coughing. If they are doing it under a local anesthesia, you won't feel bad at first, but as soon as you start to feel it wear off, start taking pain pills. My 70 year old father had hernia surgery as an outpatient, so I don't believe the post about those nurses looking at your surgical site. Maybe you were hallucinating because of the pain medicine!!!! angrymad :rolleyes:

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Gene, the worst piece of equipment of them all, when it comes to potential hernias, is the "Heartbreaker" combo model of the Mesa Boogie amplifier......it's not huge...just that is extremely heavy considering how relatively small it is.....weight is way out of porportion to its size....

If ever I start touring again, this is one amp I will not buy....I would not want to subject the roadies to any problems.....

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Hey Tony -- you having laproscopic (sp?) or are you getting cut?

I had the old fashioned way (the knife) in 87 and the recovery period was a bit slow -- had to go back for laproscopic in 03 and could not believe the difference -- I was walking the next day with no problem. One thing you do not want to do at the beginning of recovery is eat heavy -- alot of trips to the can will put you in some pain. Best of luck --

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Tony, I finally figured out what gave you the hernia. Like a good little conservative, you've been carrying the weight of the world around on your shoulders for so long, that it's finally taken its toll. Now, while you recover, let Bill O'Reilly carry the bulk of it for you! Any thoughts, Carmen Smalley?!

Seriously, take care, all will be fine.

smile --Love, Darlene

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