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Hey Canadians! What's up with the baby seal bloodbath?

Tony Cartmill

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I still can't believe in 2004, there is a big organized Canadian baby seal slaughter-for-fur going on! These groups of barbarians run up and club or shoot the baby seals in the head, then skin them quickly on the spot to get that fine baby fur, and sometimes mommy seal get to watch it all in horror nearby.

I thought Canadians were civilized.

This proud tradition makes even the hard-core American gang-bangers of the inner city say, " Yo man, dat ain't right".

Can someone explain why the Canadian government. still allows this?

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I know Tony, it ticks me right off to see these

commercials and World WildLife programs showing poachers and seamen and so on killing Whales, Bears Seals and Dolphins, Tigers.

I love wildlife.

I joined up with World Wild Life and sent monthly donations, also, WSPA, I had to quit, because of my income.

Otherwise I would still help out.

I love nature a lot and whats around me to do with life.

I love life period.

I all ways dreamed of swimming with the Dolphins , petting and holding a White Tiger or

any tiger, I love Seals, I used to watch that movie alot, Sammy The Way Out Seal, a movie, a good one too.

Danger Bay, I still watch that show, not now,

my T.V. blew up.

I cannot afford another one.

I cannot believe, like you mention, how cruel people can really be.

They should be sent to prison.

I have written to Wspa many times and sent my responses to Prime Minister of Canada.

You know, when your watching the news, you never

hear anything more of Green Peace, Or, even the Election, the candidates, never mention anything about saving wildlife, I mean that's an issue too.

Tom Cochrane of Red Rider and a few other musicians are supporters of Wildlife too.

That's great.

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It's not a big issue, because people are fighting

to get more money for greed, and striking for

more money.

People only think of themselves.

If we had over 20,000 people fighting and campaigning to save wildlife and the seals, just maybe, it would trigger to the Canadian Government.

I want to get married and raise a family, not now.

The way this world is going.

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I don't think anyone can understand the Canadian government, and it always makes me so mad, I try not to even read the newspapers of watch TV, as it raises my blood pressure so much. A few years ago the Prime Minister went to a hotel that cost $10 000 a day. I figured out that year my income taxes for the year paid for about 1/2 his day at the hotel. Couldn't that money have been used for something better? Like education, health care, etc.? Don't get me started, or I can go on for days. Still, I think there's corruption in all governments, so banging your head about it won't solve the issue. As I've learned, ignorance is bliss!


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I¥m ecologist and I love animals and plants of course so I think is a sad crime against Mother Nature!but,hey Canadians,Why daren¥t to opine about Americans?If you have Burgers,Mc Donalds etc in Canada then you can opine about America,I think.I opine about America because the Americans have Burgers,Mc Donalds,etc here.Why George Bush doesn¥t want to sign the Kyoto thing for the Earth iisn¥t so hot?

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Well, I refuse to wear fur (never have owned any), and I try very hard not to own any animal products.

I have a friend with a very environmentally consious daughter, and the two of us try hard not to use anything animal. Getting shoes, boots and belts is rough - it's hard to get non-leather boots in Canada that will stand up to the snow, ice and salt! When even stamps have glue made with animal products, it gets hard to be totally animal free. Still, I find it hard to believe there's that big a market for seal and other fur.

I guess I'm a bit of a hipocrite as a Canadian - this country was founded by the Hudson's Bay company - which exported beaver and other pelts. It was the main export from Canada for many years.

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If you want to sign an online petition to stop the seal hunt or get some pictures of cute little baby harp seals, go to www.ifaw.org. There is a story on the MSNBC site about the seal hunt, and there is also a site for the Canadian government about the history of the seal hunt. I remember signing the petition against the baby harp seal hunt in the 70s. I collect little baby harp seal stuffed toys and cermamics. It is just cruel and inhumane, IMHO. angrymadcrying

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These was a big article in the newspaper here over the weekend about the clubbing of seals. Had a photo of Paris Hilton with a tight little t-shirt that read "Club Sandwiches, not seals". The story went on to talk about how seals get all the media attention, when we kill millions more cows, chickens, etc., than we do seals.

I've always said if I lived on a farm or in the wild, and had to kill a pig to get my bacon (or chicken, or lamb, etc.), I'd be a vegetarian in a second. That's when I decided I'd no longer eat meat. If I don't have the guts to kill something myself, why will I eat it if someone else does? I have no problem growing my own veggies to eat!

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Michelle, you know what they say...Spend one day in a typical slaughterhouse, and you would become a vegetarian. It is supposed to be horrific to see.

But I love Carl's Jr. Famous Star Burgers with extra special sauce! And $3 for 2 of them fills me up and makes me as happy as Michael Jackson at a junior high school boys swim meet! eek

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