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A couple of things I wish they still made....


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Every now and then I get the urge for some apple Jello. I'll accept no substitues on this one.

And how about White Castles? Are there any of them left? pray I tried some that I found in the frozen foods section the other day. A poor substitute for those delicious morsels I gobbled regularly as a child in good ol' Ohio. For those who might be listening down under, that's a small, square dinner roll stuffed with a square, ground (minced?) beef patty, cooked with grilled onions and topped with a pickle. Mustard and catsup optional. Food of the gods it was and you bought them by the sack. Muz and Kiwi, better put it on the list for next trip. laugh


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And that's another thing, Bessiboo! Whatever happened to white birch beer? Not the regular brown stuff, mind you, but the kind that was totally colorless,...like Vodka. As I recall, it had a minty taste when compared to the regular cola-tinted stuff. Used to be able to find it up in the New England states, bottled by Cott or Canada Dry. It's the only thing that can turn me away from Dr. Pepper. Last time I found some in a Connecticut package store, I bought twelve bottles. Yeah, they were glass, so I guess it has been awhile. Only nine survived the suitcase monkeys. I wound up with a severely soggy box while United's LAX baggage carousel took on a rather fresh and wintery aroma. Well that, and a higher than normal degree of stickiness.... laugh

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I had some birch beer recently - sorry, can't remember the details of where/when.

But! How about "Epinette" (or "spruce beer" in English)?

I've only been able to find spruce beer in Quebec (along with a sickeningly sweet soft drink called "Nectar"), although apparently it used to be available in Ontario's Ottawa Valley as well.

So, you ask, what is spruce beer? It's a very sweet carbonated soft drink (pop, soda, for those in other jurisdictions) with a Pine-Sol kind of flavour. It's what you think spruce trees would taste like, if you were to eat spruce trees. Which I'm fairly certain most people don't.

Is epinette/spruce beer available anywhere else, or must I continue to stock up when I am in "la belle province"? It's not that I like it *that* much, but it is so odd that I can't resist it.

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Several old colognes have been re-issued, but they all have this horrible cheap base note--and do not smell ANYTHING like the originals. They should be sold as "fakes" and not by the original name: They include "Cachet," and Nina Ricci's "L'Air du Temps" among others.

They should have not reissued and just left us with the glorious memory.

smile --Darlene

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